Hi, My Name is Tez Krastev.

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I'm a Sydney Based Certified PT, Online Fitness Coach & Lifetime Natural Bodybuilder. My Areas of Expertise are in Weight Loss, Muscle Building & Nutrition.

I Help Busy Office Workers Age 30-50 to Lose Stubborn Body Fat With My 12-Week Online Body Transformation Program.

I Understand That Getting In Shape Can Be Super Tough For You, Since We All Lead Busy Lifestyles, Making Dieting and Training Difficult...


With High Stress From Your Busy Work, Social Events Happening, Work Trips And Holidays... Making It Super-Difficult To Focus On Your Fitness Goals...

But Don't Worry, I'm Here To Help You Gain The Right Diet & Workout Program and My 24/7 Support, Accountability & Motivation, to Help You Overcome Your Problem Areas And Achieve Your Fitness Goals FASTER!

Check Out How I Helped My Best Client Kiryakos,

Lose 41kg of Weight In 26 Weeks With My Coaching:

My Best Online Coaching Client So Far, Kyriakos Poullos Was a Busy Professional Who Struggled With His Weight...

After Deciding that He Needed a Healthy Lifestyle Change and Was Committed to Losing the Weight and Getting In Shape, He Reached Out For My Help...


Over The Course Of The Next 26 weeks, He Put 100% of his Effort into my Coaching, After Which, I Helped him Lose 41kg of Weight (132kg-91kg) and Losing a Solid 8 Inches of Belly Fat (Waist Dropped from 42 inches to 34 inch)


All Done Through the Great Diet & Workout Program that I've Set For Him and My Constant Support, Guidance and Motivation.

Kiryakos Poullos

"Some people buy a Porsche when they turn 40, instead I decided to invest in my health. Since then I've had to replace 5 sets of jeans. My waist went from 42 size to 34 size plus I've increased my muscle mass considerably.


I love the fact that, since training with Tez, I now sleep better, have more energy at work, quit smoking and eat considerably better. What is also important is that I'm setting a great example to my daughter. Highly Recommended. "

Do You Want To Become A Client and Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster?