Check Out Some Of My Best Clients

And Their Amazing Transformations:

Kevin M.

Weight Lost: 10kg (71kg-61kg)


Belly Fat Lost: 5 inches


Time Frame:  11 Weeks

Hard to believe I was training quite hard before working with Tez, but just not getting results. After deciding to learn more and seek help I found Tez's ad on Gumtree.


From the first chat he was super supportive and flexible regarding diet and training. His approach to improving body composition is so simple and really leaves no excuses if you're committed to change.

Kyriakos Poullos

Weight Lost: 41kg (132kg-91kg)

Belly Fat Lost: 8 inches


Time Frame: 26 Weeks

Some people buy a Porsche when they turn 40, instead I decided to invest in my health. Since then I've had to replace 5 sets of jeans. My waist went from 42 size to 34 size plus I've increased my muscle mass considerably.


I love the fact that, since training with Tez, I now sleep better, have more energy at work, quit smoking and eat considerably better. What is also important is that I'm setting a great example to my daughter. Highly Recommended.

Chris Lang

I initially needed someone to help guide me and hold me accountable. I wanted support and also needed professional guidance during the process.

Tez was extremely supportive during the process. I saw great results and his guidance made a huge difference.

His knowledge and guidance is top notch. His expertise and passion shine through when he is discussing and elaborating on his plans. Thanks a lot mate. You really helped me a lot!

Weight Lost: 10kg (76kg-66kg)

Belly Fat Lost: 6 inches

Time Frame:  12 Weeks

Bobby Singh

Weight Lost: 14kg (88kg-74kg)


Belly Fat Lost: 7 inches


Time Frame: 12 Weeks

I just wanna say how amazing my journey was under Tez supervision... he's a great trainer..all I would say if you guys follow as he will never regret it.


And thanks a lot Tez ...for helping me with my weight loss, I couldn't have done it without you mate!

Kevin McCullagh

Weight Lost: 5kg (82kg-77kg)

Belly Fat  Lost: 2 inches

Time Frame: 8 Weeks

Having just arrived in Sydney from Ireland just after Christmas, I decided it was a good a time as any to increase my fitness levels and get in shape. I'm now at the halfway mark and the hard work is beginning to show!

Tez has been great throughout, he keeps me super motivated to be the best I can be. He provides a great service and I'm really happy with the results thus far! If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

Danny Kalamvokis

Weight Lost: 8kg (95kg-87kg)


Belly Fat Lost: 3 inches

Time Frame: 12 Weeks

Antonis Anastasiadis


Weight Lost: 14kg (84kg-70kg)

Belly Fat  Lost: 10 inches

Time Frame: 8 Weeks

When I started I was overweight, borderline obese. All around my upper body mostly. I wasn't feeling healthy. I had blood pressure and background in high cholesterol. And I realised I had to lose weight and go on the healthy side.

I thought it was going to be a long way and a hard way to do it, but with the help of Tez I managed really well I think. He helped me with the right nutrition for my body, which helped me lose 14kg of weight, reduced my cholesterol and blood pressure and I feel healthy again.

All I can say is Tez a great professional and has helped and taught me a lot. I've already recommended my friends to his coaching. Thank you.

Sandro Carzo


Weight Lost: 14kg (94kg-79.5kg)


Belly Fat Lost: 9.5 inches


Time Frame: 12 Weeks

Before coaching with Tez, I was very overweight and didn't feel good about myself in any way, shape or form. With Tez's guidance he has transformed me from 93kg to 79.5kg and I feel like a new man now.

Every day I go to work, I get half a dozen compliments from fellow colleagues and people I know, which is a testament to Tez's guidance and keeping me accountable. This is my story in a nutshell, to be continued upwards and onwards.

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