i'm looking for A few more

busy office workers

(age 30-50)

looking to lose 6-12Kg

burn belly Fat &

get in shape Naturally

IN The Next 12 Weeks

Welcome to

Fitez Natural

Online Diet & Workout Coaching

For Busy Office Workers

Hey, I'm Tez Krastev, Thank You for Visiting My Site!


I'm a Sydney Based Online Fitness Coach and A Lifetime Natural Bodybuilder.

I Specialize In Weight Loss, Muscle Building & Nutrition.

I'm Helping Busy Office Workers, Who Want To Lose Weight, Burn Belly Fat & Get In Shape Naturally With My Very Successful Online Coaching Program.


I've Helped My Busy Clients Lose 41Kg Of Weight In 26 Weeks, 14Kg Of Weight In 26 Weeks, 10Kg In 11 Weeks And Many More.

You Feel Like You Should At Least See Some Fat Loss At The Gym With All Your Hard Work You've Put In..


But Sadly Your Body Still Looks The Same And Your Motivation Is Dropping By The Day..

There's Nothing Worse Than When You Train Hard At The Gym And Trying Your Best To Eat Healthy, BUT...


-Your Belly Fat Still Bulges


-Your Love Handles Hang


-You Have No Muscle

But Don't Worry, With My Online Coaching Program..

You Will Finally Get The Right Diet, Training And Motivation Guidance To Help You Overcome Your Problem Areas And Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster, Even As A Busy Individual!

And Just Imagine How Amazing It Would Feel To Wake Up Every Morning To Finally See The Kg Of Weight Dropping, Your Stomach Getting Flatter And More Defined & New Lean Muscle Sculpting :)

Check Out How My Online Coaching Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals:




Losing Weight, Burning Belly Fat And Getting In Shape Is 80% Diet And Only 20% Training..

I Will Coach You How To Adopt An Easy, Flexible Diet, With The Right Foods, Correct Amounts And Best Times To Eat Them, Personalized To Your Your Schedule.

As Well As How To Easily Track Your Important Macros And Calories in MyFitnessPal For The Best Results.

To Help You Lose The Kg Of Weight, Burn Your Stubborn Belly Fat, Get Fit And Feel a Fountain of New Energy Week By Week!



Most Gym Goers Perform The Wrong Training And Cardio Routine, Burning Off Their Muscle Mass & Slowing Down Their Metabolism...


I Will Coach You Through My Quick & Effective 45min- 1 Hour Workouts & Unique 10Min HIIT Cardio Techniques... That Suit Busy Individuals.


To Help You Speed Up Your Metabolism And  Kickstart Your Results At The Gym!


Wake Up Every Morning and Finally See Your Belly Fat Burning, The Kg of Weight Dropping & New Lean Muscle Definition Sculpting.

24/7 Support &


Reaching Your Fitness Goals is 100% A Mindset Game And Can Be A Massive Challenge If You Don't Have The Right Support & Guidance To Help You Stay Consistent.


Unlike Any Other Coach Or Trainer, I Will Provide You With My Fast 24/7 Support, Accountability & Motivation..


To Keep You On Track To Your Goals And Super Motivated Week By Week.


Best Of All I Want to Build A Great Long Term Relationship With You And Help You Achieve An Amazing Transformation.

daily motivation Community

Staying Motivated In Your Fitness Journey Can Be Super Tough... Especially With Your Busy Lifestyle Always Getting In The Way.

Join My Whats App Fitness Community with My Other Great Office Worker Clients..


To Help You Stay Motivated Daily With My Inspirational Quotes & Motivation Tips.

Once You Have That Daily Motivation to Give You An 'Extra Boost'... You Can Finally Get Inspired On Those Tough Weeks And Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster!

Check Out Some Of My Best Clients

And Their Amazing Transformations:

Kevin Minett

Weight Lost: 10kg (71kg-61kg)


Belly Fat Lost: 5 inches


Time Frame:  11 Weeks

Hard to believe I was training quite hard before working with Tez, but just not getting results. After deciding to learn more and seek help I found Tez's ad on Gumtree.


From the first chat he was super supportive and flexible regarding diet and training. His approach to improving body composition is so simple and really leaves no excuses if you're committed to change.

Kiryakos Poullos

Weight Lost: 41kg (132kg-91kg)

Belly Fat Lost: 8 inches


Time Frame: 26 Weeks

Some people buy a Porsche when they turn 40, instead I decided to invest in my health. Since then I've had to replace 5 sets of jeans. My waist went from 42 size to 34 size plus I've increased my muscle mass considerably.


I love the fact that, since training with Tez, I now sleep better, have more energy at work, quit smoking and eat considerably better. What is also important is that I'm setting a great example to my daughter. Highly Recommended.

Bobby Singh

Weight Lost: 14kg (88kg-74kg)


Belly Fat Lost: 7 inches


Time Frame: 12 Weeks

I just wanna say how amazing my journey was under Tez supervision... he's a great trainer..all I would say if you guys follow as he says...you will never regret it.


And thanks a lot Tez ...for helping me with my weight loss, I couldn't have done it without you mate!


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