How To Find The Perfect Weight Loss Diet

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This is my first blog post and I'm really excited in sharing some awesome new content with you!

I want to keep the content on this blog as educational as possible, while still light and humorous. Mainly based around my personal experience with what has worked for me, to help me achieve the physique I have today. Now let's get to the good stuff...

Over the years I've been drilling the idea of the importance of finding a great diet with all my clients, friends and even partner... to the point where I'm sure I've annoyed quite a few people. But that has never stopped me... Finding the perfect diet can be quite a challenge, especially since there is just too much deliciousness out there... Peri Peri pizza I'm thinking about you...

My idea of a perfect diet, is a diet that you can easily fit into your lifestyle, based on the foods you enjoy eating. A diet where you're left wondering,.. "Is this really a diet!?" A diet where you have that room to throw in that occasional cheat meal and still be able to see results. Now is that kind of a diet even possible? Hell yea!

Over the last 25 or so weeks, I've been developing my own kind of a diet, where I would eat around 3 days of low carb/high fat, followed by a higher carb day/low fat. An example of this would be Monday: Low Carb, Tuesday: Low Carb, Wednesday: Low Carb, Thursday: High Carb, Friday: Low Carb etc:

This diet is a variation of the Carb Cycling approach and is definitely my favorite type of diet. This type of a diet suits me perfectly, because I have 2-3 days of low carb, eating high fats, I'm talking peanut butter, woohoo! And who doesn't love peanut butter? Eating, bacon, eggs, almonds and even quest bars recently.

On my higher carb days, I would drop the fats really low and eat things like wholegrain tortillas and oats. I find those are my 2 perfect carb sources, which never lead to any fat gain, providing I track all my calories on MyfitnessPal and don't splurge too much. Something I was just guilty of few days ago haha...

Now this type of a diet is perfect for me, but might not suit everyone. The main point is, find the diet that you feel you can stick to and fits around your lifestyle... Leave room for that occasional cheat meal and always remember to track your calories with an app such as MyfitnessPal.

Thanks for reading and be sure to stay tuned to this blog for lots more cool content coming up!

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