How To Kill Fitness Procrastination And Get Into A More Productive & Motivated Mindset

I believe procrastination is one of the Biggest Results Killers...

Whether it is your fitness, your work productivity, personal life etc. As human beings we love procrastinating and I've definitely been guilty of that myself, that's for sure... it's only natural. What I believe that really adds to your Procrastination is when you continually put things off... This teaches your brain that 'It's ok to procrastinate' which builds a chronic habit. And once you build this bad habit... it becomes extremely difficult to get out of it. What has helped me to kill Procrastination in it's tracks is to continually tell myself 'Do it Now!' Every single day and telling myself 'It's NOT OK to put this off' Now this might seem a little weird to some, but I feel you really need to speak to yourself at times, motivate yourself and to find that 'Inner Thing' that Drives you. Some further things that have helped me Overcome some of my Procrastination include: -Putting on my gym clothes hours before even heading off to gym (motivates me) -Setting constant alarms to remind me to Go to gym, Track my Meals etc. -Preparing meals a head of time, but putting them out of reach so that I don't eat everything at once. -Meditating every morning, writing my goals every single day, telling myself 'I will be successful'. -Building a habit of all the above, by starting a routine and always sticking with it, never telling myself 'It's Ok, I will do it tomorrow'. Those are some of the main things that I've been implementing into my lifestyle as of recently and they have helped me tremendously and I believe they will do the same for you. Feel free to Apply any of the above Tips and let's kill that procrastination, Become Motivated & More Productive!

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