How To Use Negativity To Fuel Your Passion And 10X Your Motivation

Negativity is all around us, every single day. Whether it is getting those 'troll' comments on social media calling you Skinny or Fat, Whether it is your friends or family telling you 'You can't achieve X, you should do Y. Whether it is even Your Own Mind telling you 'Look... you've tried this for long enough, now it's time to give up'...

It's such a frustrating feeling, dealing with not only others' negativity but your own. Because it can really play a significant role in your confidence...

One of my own first passions in life was the moment when I heard my music teacher play 'For Elise' by Beethoven on the piano... I was only 10 years old at the time, but hearing that song, played in such a beautiful way, completely inspired me in that point of time to learn how to play it!

So I walked up to my teacher and asked 'Please teach me, I must learn this song' To which she replied 'You will never learn this song and can't play it, because you don't have the talent'

I was heart broken, angry and frustrated at how she just crushed my dream...before it even started!

But I said to myself, "It doesn't matter what she tells me, because I will learn how to play this song, no matter what it takes!"

And so my number 1 mission became to first, find a keyboard that I can practice on and then came the hard part.... How on earth do I play this song... I have the melody in my head, but how do I actually play it!!??

So after hours of practice, through random notes and sequences I eventually came across a sequence that sounded very similar to the one that my teacher played... And I just fell in love with the sound!

But the main problem was that, although it sounded similar, it just didn't have the same sound and the left hand notes were not all there.... I was missing something, a major part of the song.

After eventually moving to Sydney with my Mum, my mission was to Find the sheet music for this piece and finally learn how to play it...

Searching for hours and hours through books and libraries... I eventually found the sheet music! I still remember how happy I was, because that was the opportunity I needed to finally learn how to play this song.

After days of practice on my 'half broken' piano and studying various books on reading sheet music... I eventually played both the left and right hand of the piece and was just amazed at what I have achieved!

I rushed straight up to my music teacher and played the song right in front of her... She was left speechless.... And that point of life taught me a valuable lesson... To use other people's negativity and fuel your passion, work harder than anybody else to make your vision come true and to believe in yourself, because only then, you can truly build your talent and succeed in anything you want to achieve.

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