Quest Bars Cookies And Cream Review

I've really been digging into quest bars as of recently and their Cookies and Cream flavor is truly the bomb! So I just had to share my passion for these great bars and give my honest opinion when it comes to them. Keeping in mind that I'm NOT sponsored by Quest Nutrition, so I've got nothing to benefit by promoting this product.


In terms of flavor, their Cookies and Cream flavor is my number 2 favorite flavor at the moment. I love the cookies inside the actual bars, the texture is rather less chewy than the other bars within their range and I find them to be not too sweet as well. Some people might disagree, but I do have a sweet tooth haha. I would definitely give this flavor a 10/10 and I would place it as my #2 favorite flavor at the moment!


While I do enjoy their texture from time to time... it can sometimes get slightly on the chewy side and be a little annoying, but I can understand where it comes from, as they do tend to have a high fiber content of 13g per bar. So I would have to rate their texture a 8/10, because it might put some people off with their excessive chewing.


In terms of nutrition, Quest Nutrition's Cookies and Cream flavor has a nice 21g of Protein, 9g of fat, only 2g saturated fat, only 5g of carbs and less than 1g of sugar. Fiber content is at a whopping 13g and all at only 209 calories!

The nutrition is great, making a great low carb and high protein bar, high in fiber to keep you full and great protein to help with recovery. I would score their nutrition a 9/10.


I truly love this Cookies and Cream flavor and I'm eating it every other day. Great flavor, while slightly on the chewy side, which tends to be issue with most Quest Bars. Great Nutrition, but I would definitely keep a track of them into MyfitnessPal, to make sure I'm hitting my Macros and Calories for the day.

They are a Great little treat to have every other day, to keep you happy on a diet, which I believe is really important, to be able to stick to a great diet routine and actually fit it into your lifestyle. Because once you fit a great diet into your lifestyle, getting and staying in shape will be a piece of cake, or in this case, a piece of Quest Bar, haha...

Overall I will have to give this flavor a 9/10 And if you're looking for a great new protein bar to try, definitely dig into this flavor and let me know if you enjoy it!

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