How To Easily Track Your Diet Using MyFitnessPal - My Simple Guide

Learning how to use MyFitnessPal can be a bit of a challenge, but can be one of the best tools to help you lose weight and reach your fitness goals faster.

What is MyfitnessPal?! It's a powerful food tracking, free app, that lets you add the food you eat and helps you to track your nutrition.

To put things in perspective, tracking your food into MyfitnessPal will be a major inconvenience and it will be hard..

It will take time getting used to and not many people can stay consistent with it...

BUT will the results be worth your time??

You bet!

Tracking my food diary consistently, every single day, keeps me focused, I feel great knowing my nutrition and makes me aware of whether or not I'm hitting my macros for the day.

Well worth, every single minute of my time invested!

*Inserts an Abs Photo of my physique, to impress you*

Now presuming that you've already downloaded the MyFitnessPal App from the appstore, (it's free don't worry) and have already setup your account, including your goals, body stats etc.

MyfitnessPal will make a recommendation when it comes to your intake and it will bring you to your homepage of your food diary.... Where all the magic happens.

Let's get into it..


This is the main page of your food diary, you can get here by clicking diary at the bottom of the panel.

This is where you will be doing most of your tracking. As you can see I've already set up my calories to 2100 manually, including my custom macros. I will get to that shortly.

As you start to add food into your diary, you will see your food number of calories going up and remaining calories reducing. You can also hit Add yesterday's breakfast, if you're having the same breakfast, making your life super easy.

2. If you click on add food, within your breakfast, you will go to a search option, where you can find most brands of products by either searching for them or scanning their bar codes.

I prefer to scan bar codes for products that have them, to save time.

You can also see recent foods that I've already added previously, including the servings which I tend to use on a regular basis.