My Morning Motivation Routine For Success

I've recently been getting into lots of personal development and really working on mindset work, to help me get aligned with my goals, because I believe that the MIND is the most POWERFUL TOOL you have at your disposal.... and it makes complete sense to me.

To give you some background, I grew up in a very religious family, being Bulgarian Orthodox and my father being a priest as well. I still remember having to go to all the church events, baptisms, marriages and what not, as a little kid. Having to read the bible was one of my tasks set by my dad and although I did enjoy it the first few times... it just got too much for me.

Fast forward 6 years later, after moving to Australia... I've been quite disconnected to religion altogether and adopting my new view, in which I do believe in a power higher than humans, but not sure what it quite is...

Over my life course, I've truly feel blessed that every time I've connected and prayed to that power, I feel I've always received the guidance I needed and I'm so grateful for it...

We're getting deep here, I love it.

Now over the last 6 weeks or so, I've really been digging deep into developing a morning ritual for myself, to really give myself around 10 minutes, to just get in tune with my mind, to get myself ready for the day and to really motivate myself.

Whether you're religious, or you're into meditation or even just want to squeeze in a nice motivation session... I think this routine can really benefit you, because I feel it's doing wonders for me.

When I first wake up, usually around 6am in Sydney time, I would freshen up then walk over to the kitchen put the kettle on for my morning coffee. While the water is boiling, I would grab a protein bar and some almonds to have a quick bite.

Then the first thing I would do is, I would walk over to my balcony (I live on the 28th floor) and start my Motivation session, which usually lasts around 10 minutes.

It's almost summer here in Australia, so most mornings have been great, with lots of sunshine happening, which really helps... I love that feel of the sun on your face.

My Morning Routine Starts With:

1. Being Grateful - I would spend about 3 mins on all the things I'm grateful for, eg the sun on my face, my happiness, my relationships, my health, etc. Being grateful will really put you in a grate state of positivity and to really keep you humble, which i feel is super important.

2. Goal Setting - I would say all the things that I need in order to be successful and what my goals are for the week and the day. I would try to be as specific as possible and really visualize what I need to happen and HOW I'm going to make it happen.

3. Self Motivation - I would then finish off my session with about 15-20 repetitions of the following:


Saying I WILL be SUCCESSFUL followed by a deep 2 second breath through my nose then a quick exhale through my mouth.

I will repeat that about 15-20 times and really emphasize on the WILL and SUCCESSFUL when I say them.

I also try to visualize all my goals happening in real time and how I would feel as they happen. Just like crafting a reality and imagining all your goals have already happened.

I would smile and feel that amazing feeling of achieving everything that I've set out to do and just be present in that moment.

The above breathing routine, I've just incorporated and I feel it's making a huge difference, as I feel a huge boost in how refreshed I feel and have an almost dizzy feeling after it.

After a few minutes that feeling subsides and I feel super refreshed and ready for the day. I feel focused, happy and energized to make things happen!

Thanks for reading, feel free to try my Motivation Routine and see if it makes a difference for you, as I'm sure it will. Once you get your Mind in the right place, I believe you can truly achieve anything.

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