3 Traits You Need To Achieve Your Perfect Physique

After carefully analyzing myself and my top performing clients, I was curious to find find out, what are the main traits that we all have in common. Why is it that some of my clients are able to get amazing results, while others seem to be trailing way behind. What are the traits of the most successful performers, not only in the fitness space, but in general.

Every day that I wake up, I have a specific morning routine where I motivate myself, set myself goals and really focus on what I have to do, that will bring my closer to my goals. Today is Monday, perhaps the most important day of the week, because I feel you need to START your week with a precise strategy on how you're going to attack your week. This will give you a vision and a greater focus.

Research shows that by writing down your goals, you have a 42% more chance of achieving them. This definitely makes sense, because ever since I've started writing down my goals daily, I've seen a sharp incline of my success.

After careful observation of my most successful clients I was able to see the following traits, that they all have in common, to help them see amazing results, straight off the bat...

1. They Take Action Straight Away

This is the most common thing that I've observed. After I've done my part on designing their programs, they immediately take action and the day after, they are in the gym, tracking their workouts, tracking their diet on MyfitnessPal. They take action immediately on everything that I'm coaching them on and start implementing all my advice.

This is a complete contrast to my least successful clients, because they would be doing the opposite.... They would continually delay the process, they would say things like 'I will start from next week'. Keep saying how 'Busy they are'... This constant procrastination, just kills all results. If you allow yourself to get in this zone, then getting out will become very difficult.

Research shows that to get yourself into a new habit, it takes an average of 66 days for this habit to become automatic and to NOT seem like a chore. This depends on the individual and may be shorter or longer.

2. They Are Consistent

My most successful clients are SUPER CONSISTENT.... they track all their workouts and their diet on a daily basis. They make no excuses as to why they couldn't do a specific workout or why they couldn't track their diet. They keep grinding every single day and they analyze their performance.

They stay focused and love having the routine. They want a Long Term strategy and happy to put in the work on a daily basis... Even when there is a slow week in terms of results. They don't get discouraged and push themselves even harder for the following week.

As Mark Cuban says, "It doesn't matter how many times you fail...you just have to get it right once to be successful."

In contrast my least successful clients, they would start the program with a good mindset, perhaps go a week or two of following the program.... and then completely fall off the grid. They become very inactive on tracking their workouts and diet, they continually make excuses as to why they are 'So Busy' and they Lose Focus Easily. They lose all forms of communication in most cases.

3. They Have an Open Mind

My most successful clients have shown great open mindedness, by always taking All my advice on board, without any objection as to the difficulty. They are happy to learn anything and everything to help them see better results.

These clients are happy to learn from my advice, because they truly believe in the benefits of what I'm teaching. I love having clients, who are open minded and willing to learn, because I know that they will see amazing results. I can feel the new energy of a client who is serious about their health and fitness goals and that truly makes me excited to see how they transform over the following weeks.

When it comes to myself and my own traits... I'm constantly looking for ways that I can improve, on a daily basis. I ask myself the hard questions and I make sure to put in the action every day. Because all ideas are worthless without action.

Some new strategies that I've developed over the course of the last 12 weeks is that, I try to walk in every one of my new conversations by Talking Less and Listening More. And by asking more quality questions. Also, by surrounding myself with as much information and insight as possible, through Podcasts, YouTube Videos, Blogs etc.

Having expanded my horizon and learned from someone else, because there will always be something new for you to learn, that you haven't heard before.

Whether it is an idea, a thought or a new concept. Perhaps that new thing, may be what pushes your Success even further... anything is possible. And by keeping your mind open to learn from anything and everything, you really start to accelerate your growth.

Another huge boost to my success so far has been surrounding myself with Knowledge and Insight, as well as Personal Development.

Now for you this may mean, listening to fitness podcasts, reading up new information or blogs, finding a mentor who can guide you, etc.

I truly believe that if you Take Action, Stay Consistent and develop an Open Mind, you can really succeed with anything you set your mind on. Whether it is improving your health and fitness or anything you set your mind on really.

The road to success is always paved with a lot of road blocks, obstacles and challenges. And in today's world, it's definitely hard to maintain that laser focus on your goals. Keeping yourself engaged, motivated and focused on taking action will eventually lead you to your success.

Do you think you have the above 3 traits and Want to Reach Your Perfect Physique?

You can Click Here to Apply to Become A Client and if you Qualify, we can setup a Free Consultation and find out if I'm able to help you Achieve Your Goals.

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