3 Easy Steps To Fix Your Fitness Procrastination & Reach Your Goals Faster

Do you feel like there's too many things on your plate at the moment, you've been putting off your health and fitness for a while now and keep waiting for that perfect moment to start?

Just like the thousands of other people, that have a gym membership but rarely ever go, because they just can't seem to find that perfect moment to start exercising...

You are stuck in an endless rut, where you want everything to be perfect, for the stars and planets to be aligned and for your work to be less stressful, to have all the time in the world in order to start a fitness routine....

But guess what? That time will never come, because in today's society, things are NEVER perfect, things never slow down and the stresses of life will continue to hammer you down...

I have an endless supply of people, who reach out to me for help to get them in shape, but then in their second or third contact, will tell me how they want to start in 2 weeks, 4 weeks and even in some cases 3-4 months later....

These are the procrastinators of today's society... They will always come up with an excuse as to how busy they are, how they're over worked and how they want things to be Perfect before they start anything...

If you knew for a fact, that if you don't start today, you will never achieve your goals...

Would you continue to procrastinate?

I know I wouldn't...

Because I believe in my goals so much and I keep myself hungry, focused and motivated to keep reaching them. The only way to move past your procrastination, is to DO IT NOW.

Allow me to elaborate...

If you continue to procrastinate and put things off, this builds a bad habit, which becomes chronic.. teaching your brain that it's ok to procrastinate further. And procrastinating will become an automatic thing that you will become used to...

Procrastination will eventually kill all your fitness results and WILL hold you back in life all together. You will constantly miss out on opportunities, just like driving your car with the safety break held on.

So how can we fix this? Let's get into it...

STEP 1 to Fix Your Fitness Procrastination is to Adopt A Do it Now Mentality.

Whenever your mind tells you, don't worry you can do this later. You tell your mind NO, I will do it now, and Just Do It. As Simple as that.

After taking immediate action at those moments where your mind tells you to procrastinate, after about 15-20 instances, your brain will eventually get accustomed to this new way of taking action and you feel so much more productive. Taking action immediately will become a lot easier for you.

Just do that Short 30 min workout, eat that healthy salad, Start tracking your First MyfitnessPal meal. It all has to start somewhere... Once you start something, you will naturally be more likely to complete it.

STEP 2 to Fix Your Fitness Procrastination is to Make Things Simple.

Pick a task that you've been procrastinating on. Let's say that it's going to the gym, because you feel that it's too hard or the sessions are too long.

MAKE THINGS SIMPLE and just in 5 mins, plan your next workout to be super simple and easy. Eg only a 15 min strength session and 15 min cardio...

Remember that Every Workout Counts, whether it is only a 15 min session, a 30 min session etc. Not only will you feel amazing after your workout, but you will instill a new habit into your brain on taking action.

Personally I've been putting off a lot of my content, because I feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks that I have to do. This is a common thing that happens, because of a lack of planning and goal setting.

Once I became used to setting myself daily goals, writing my To Do tasks daily and checking everything off. Things have become a lot clearer and easy to do.

STEP 3 to Fix Your Fitness Procrastination is to Stop Waiting For Perfect.

Have you heard the saying 'Perfection leads to Procrastination'?

I've just recently heard that and it's something that really struck a chord with me. I've often procrastinated, because I wanted things to be perfect before taking action... An example of this is Me not uploading new video content on YouTube, because I didn't look lean enough, or that my content wasn't good enough.

But things will NEVER be perfect, so just take Action now, even the smallest bit of action will make ALL the difference in the world for you.

By taking small bits of action on a consistent basis, I find my brain has really developed into an action taking machine, which has really helped me to become successful with all my goals. Taking action immediately has to be one of the Most Important and Valuable tools that I've learned and developed.

Research shows that your brain naturally goes through periods of Peaks and Valleys on a daily basis. By only spending about 10-20 mins per day at those Peak Times, just completely focusing on your goals and eliminating all distractions. You will gain the focus that you need.

This means that for those 10-20 mins every day, switch off and put away your phone, go to a place where you can really focus and avoid ANY Distractions. Just be in tune with yourself. For me that's my 28th floor balcony in Sydney City. I usually like to close my eyes within that meditation session.

Closing my eyes, really helps me to visualize my goals a lot better and to get even more focused.

I usually spend about 10 mins every morning meditating and then another 10 mins setting myself daily goals by writing them down on a note pad list. Checking off everything that I have to do as I complete it.

This short routine of only 20 mins daily, makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE in order to boost my performance, motivation and to help me gain amazing focus.

Take action on the above steps IMMEDIATELY and watch the amazing changes that will start to occur within your mindset, body and the way you feel.

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