5 Quick Tips To Help You Burn Your Belly Fat Today

As guys, we naturally gravitate towards having a ripped, chiseled physique... We've watched all the movies like 300, with those ripped Spartan physiques, amazing close ups of shredded abs and ripped muscle.

You look at your own physique and notice that 'impossible to get rid of' belly fat that is the devil of your existence... no matter what you do, those hours of training at the gym and eating salads like no tomorrow... it just stays there and laughs at you.

Looking down and seeing that stomach bulge that makes your shirt stick out can really take a toll on your confidence and will most definitely make you look and feel like a couch potato.

Now this can translate to all aspects of your life, feeling tired at work, losing focus and motivation easily, playing with your kids will become increasingly exhausting, because you will tire out easily.

And you want to be setting a great example for them...you want to be a great role model...

But at your present state, you feel you can't live up to it.

And that belly fat is really dragging you down.

And because of the nice person that I am ( I am being very modest, I know) I want to share with you some quick tips for you to apply immediately, so that you can start burning that annoying belly fat and feel more motivated and energized.

But can you do me just 1 favour?

Start applying the tips I'm going to give you immediately... Don't just read this and place it in the back of your mind.

Put these tips right to use and let them guide you..

You will not wake up and have a shredded Hugh Jackman's Wolverine physique overnight.. but you will most certainly look and feel better and perhaps burn a few kg of belly fat in the process.

You can thank me later.

1. Get In the Right Mindset

I'm always talking about mindset and I really do believe that it's the first step to reaching your goal physique. How does that relate to your belly fat!?

If you don't have the right mindset, you will lack the motivation and drive to get in the gym and to start your diet, you will keep procrastinating and you will find that everything is 'Just too difficult'

When you get in the Right Mindset, you will feel motivated, focused, you will plan your goals every day, you will take action on them, you will stay focused and find new ways to motivate yourself... Daily... That's right, because daily motivation is what we all need to succeed.

You have to believe in your success, you have to believe that the belly fat will melt off you, you have to imagine yourself in your best shape of your life...

How would that feel? How would that change your life, being in the best shape?

Now you're hungry, now you feel that drive sparking... use that as fuel and ask yourself these questions every day.

Whenever my mind tells me, 'Look it's OK, you can do your gym session later, now just relax'. I have to snap myself out of this procrastination mode and ask myself some action provoking questions... such as... If you delay this gym session, chances are you will not go to gym. Your physique will look like a potato and you don't want that, do you?

Asking myself that question and putting a consequence to my lack of action, really gets me going, because I most definitely don't want to be heading backwards with my physique.

And personally I've never been blessed with great genetics in the mid section department, so a single skipped gym session, will in most cases stack some belly fat on me.

Remember that when it comes to the average gym goer, the belly fat is the Last to Go and First to put on. Make your choices wisely and develop an Action taking Mindset.

2. Make a Change Today

Getting an amazing natural physique and burning your annoying belly fat, involves making a change today! Not tomorrow, not next week... Today!

You have to commit to a program, commit your brain on your goals... and just tell yourself..

What have I got to lose?

You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Once you start your first session, (it's the most difficult one I know) You will feel amazing!

Once you step foot in the gym, which you've delayed for quite some time now... You will feel so much better!

You will feel that new energy and once you start your workout, feel the adrenaline rush and that nice muscle pump. You will never walk out of the gym feeling bad. You will walk out feeling amazing and ready to live life to the fullest. Taking selfies and checking your physique in the mirror will become a new habit. One that you will actually start to enjoy now.

Hyped up yet?

Look I know it's difficult to make that first step. It's a challenge and it's taking yourself out of your comfort zone and into a territory where you feel pretty much no confidence in.

But how is confidence really built? You have to practice the same thing over and over, until you master it. Fake it, until you make it, as they say.

You have to be willing to take that first step and be prepared to make some mistakes in the process. Because I feel learning from our mistakes is one of the best methods to learn and to move forward in your journey.

I know I've made so many mistakes with my own physique... doing silly things, which I knew would've had a bad impact. Such as failing to plan my gym routine for the week, having cheat meals too often without a good structure, not giving myself enough rest days... The list goes on.

By making these mistakes quite a few times, has really taught me the importance of planning. I learn best from my own mistakes, because I'm very critical of myself. I like to analyze my performance, analyze those mistakes and learn how I can improve. I like to evaluate what has actually worked for me in the past and what has given me my biggest Impact in terms of results, for the least amount of effort put in.

What is the smallest and easiest change that you can make today, that will have the biggest effect on burning your belly fat?

I really believe in 80% diet and only 20% training. As well as 100% mindset.

You should most Definitely focus on #1 Your Mindset then #2 Your Diet.

Once you start making small changes within these areas, you will see the biggest impact on your belly fat and overall results.

3. Start Eating Breakfast

I know you're skipping breakfast! How do I know that? Because most people do... We've all heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day... Well is it really true?

Absolutely! Because if you start your day with no energy, lack of planning and feeling hungry... The chances of your day picking up are Slim to none. You will binge out on your lunch with some fast food, which will come naturally. And those fries will go straight to your belly fat.

Now if you actually eat your breakfast, which you should ALWAYS do. You will feel lots of energy, you will feel fuller throughout the day, you will feel motivated because you started your day with a healthy meal... chances of your success have now increased dramatically. And your belly fat will thank you.

The reason why I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, is because the START of anything will set you up for either Success or become your Failure.

Just like starting your Monday, with a great routine, positive mindset and lots of energy. That will set you up for success for the entire week. If you have breakfast consistently, you will feel a similar effect.

I never skip breakfast and it's become the meal I look forward to the most. I try to include as much low carb veg in my breakfast as possible to help keep me full. Veg like, Buk Choy, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Spinach.

I feel super healthy, lots of energy and seeing great results in my belly fat area.

Starting to eat breakfast will not take a huge amount of effort on your behalf, but yet make the biggest impact on your physique. All you need to do is to wake up 30 mins earlier perhaps, plan a little better, you can even prepare a portion of your breakfast from the night before... whatever it takes to get yourself eating a great healthy breakfast.

4. Track Your Calories

If you're not tracking your Calories at the moment, which MOST people don't... then your belly fat will be permanently glued on you. A slight exaggeration, but mostly true!

Most people are either severely under their required calories to lose weight, or way over.

Most people looking to burn their belly fat, begin to starve themselves on a diet, without tracking their diet at all, because it seems like way too much work and frankly too complicated. That I can understand.

Now the human body, HATES to starve and has mechanisms in place to keep you alive. So it actually goes into Fat Storage mode when you starve yourself and keeps your belly fat intact.

What does that mean for you?

You will be doing Hours of Running on the Treadmill and Eating Salads throughout the day and be hitting around 1000 calories per day. Not actually knowing that you're not eating enough and that your body is in starvation mode. You will burn most of your muscle mass. Your metabolism will slow down to a halt. And most importantly, your belly fat will continue to bulge.

Annoying right?

The way to fix that is to Start tracking your Calories daily. Would only take you a few mins per day, tracking things on a free app such as MyfitnessPal. And will make a huge difference in teaching you about your nutrition and help you burn that stubborn belly fat.

5. Eat More Fiber

Want to feel fuller for the whole day and have lots of energy? Can I get a hell yeah?

A great way to keep your cravings to a minimum is to not let yourself get into that Hungry State, where you feel on edge, snappy and starving. Because you will most likely end up cheating with some peri peri chicken pizza, crispy cream doughnuts or sushi... Ok so I'm just listing some of my favourite cheat foods... but seriously...

Start eating more Fruit and Veg. We've all heard the saying that we must eat 5 servings of veg and 2 pieces of fruit..

By eating more fruit and veg, you will find that your cravings will reduce, you will feel more energized because of the increase of nutrients, you will feel a lot fuller and happier in general.

For veg, the more colorful the better quality nutrients it will have and for fruit, I recommend going for berry type of fruit, such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, because of their lower calorie content. Lower calories means that you can eat more and feel fuller. A great bang for your buck.

I would stick to only 1 serving of bananas per day, because they tend to have a higher calorie and natural sugar content. Which tends to stack up the belly fat, when not controlled properly. Everything in moderation is key!

Do you feel your belly fat reducing already by reading the above tips!?

Believe me, there is so much information about how to lose the belly fat and most of it we already know.

The main problem is...

We don't take ANY action on applying most of the information that we read about. A great saying that I truly believe is, 'All ideas are worthless if you don't apply them'

We have to force ourselves out of this 'I know it all' state, make ourselves vulnerable and open to criticism. We have to ask ourselves tough questions such as...

How important is it for me to burn the belly fat?

How would burning my belly fat make me feel and how would it impact my life?

Once you ask those tough questions, you will make yourself realize the importance of taking action and how would your action affect your life.

Because I can tell you that getting myself in my best shape and maintaining a great natural physique, with low body fat % is making me feel my best. I feel so much more energy, I feel focused, motivated and hungry. I'm constantly wanting to get even leaner and better. But that's only natural... our constant need for progress.

This was supposed to be a quick post, but I really wanted to delve in and give you as much detail as possible to really emphasize on the importance of the above 5 tips and on Taking Action.

If you want to really Burn Your Belly Fat Faster and need a Coach to guide you on the exact steps and give you an amazing routine with all the Support and Guidance, then my coaching might be just right for you.

You can Apply to become my client by CLICKING HERE and if you sound like a Good Fit for my coaching, I will get back to you shortly, for a Free Fitness Consultation to see if we can work together towards your goals.

Really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it!

Feel free to SHARE this post with a friend who might benefit from this valuable info and SUBSCRIBE to my blog to receive all my latest fitness posts to help you reach your best Natural Physique yet.

See you Soon and have an Amazing Day!

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