How To Survive The 2016 Holiday Eating Season And Reduce Your Weight Gain

With the Christmas and New Year holidays fast approaching here in Sydney, we're all getting hyped up for a busy month of eating, partying and catching up with friends and family. This will be the toughest time of the year when it comes to your health and fitness, because a good amount of planning and discipline is needed in order to make those right choices with your diet.

With Christmas Parties at your work, catch up dinners with friends and just enjoying this festive season, maintaining all the gains you've been making at the gym will be a difficult task. And a month of binging out on food and alcohol can definitely add a good 5-8kg of unneeded weight.

Being dedicated and passionate about your health and fitness, you will surely start to worry about your results over this month and left puzzled as to how to approach things.

Worry not, because Tez is here to hand you the eating battle plan for the December 2016 Holiday season.

So you're at your Christmas work party or at your friends or family's house for that scrumptious Christmas dinner and your taste buds are dancing and eager to demolish all kinds of food...

So now what do you do?

1. Your first task will be few days to a week before your planned Christmas dinner.

Plan where you will be going a head of time, ask for the menu options available, look at the website if possible (if you're going to a restaurant) Plan the food that you will be having and look for those hidden healthy options to mix up with your dinner.

2. Now that you've planned and already at the Venue of the Feast. Always start off your feast with a huge salad with plenty of veg and drink 2 glasses of water.

3. Great now that you've handled that, you can start digging in to the mains.

Don't worry too much, about those mains, because you do want to enjoy yourself.

Aim to eat more steam/baked veg if available like Sweet Potato, Capsicums, Green Veg for clean carbs and go for Meats like Chicken, Fish, Lamb. Go for white or brown rice for carbs. Eat slow and chew more to trick your brain into thinking you're fuller and have eaten more.

Tip 1: Try to avoid or Eat Less of Breads and Pastas. As they tend to really pack on that stomach fat.

Tip 2: Eat with smaller plates such as salad or appetizer plates, to save on calories and tricking yourself into thinking you're eating more. You can save 30-40% of your calories with this method.

4. Now that you're digging into the mains and probably want to drink some alcohol as well. Try to go for red wine and count to 1-2-3 for a half wine glass. Go for straight alcohol if you can handle it or use Mixers like Sugar Free Coke to add to your alcohol. Moderation is key, have 2-3 drinks, slowly sipped throughout the event.

Tip: Drink 1-2L of water with your Alcohol, to avoid the dehydration that comes from drinking.

5. Dessert time! This is definitely a dangerous field and one that will be hard to avoid.

Enjoy your dessert whether it is Christmas pudding, Pavlova (my favorite) or whatever it is.

Tip: Try to eat until satisfied and do not cross the dreaded, I'm way too full, line. Because walking home will be difficult and you will feel and look as bloated as Santa Claus.

Hopefully you've filled yourself up with lots of salad and veg, some sweet potato and brown rice, had a few glasses of red wine and enjoyed some Christmas pudding...