How To Stay Motivated In Your Fitness Journey

Are you struggling to keep up with your consistency in your fitness journey? Do you find that the momentum you have going, slowly dies off after the first few weeks of training and dieting?

Hey it's super tough staying on track to your health and fitness goals, especially when you don't see the results you were expecting...

Are you perhaps setting unrealistic expectations, waking up every day and checking to see if you lost a kg or two, or hoping you have a six pack after just 2-4 weeks of a diet?

We get so eager to see results straight away, after starting something we are passionate about and it's definitely tough to keep going, when the results don't come to fruition immediately.

I believe that being able to be successful with anything in life, whether it is your physique goals, business goals, or whatever it is... It all starts within your mindset.

Are your reasons for success deep enough?

Have you sat down and mapped out a plan and your deep emotional reasons for achieving your goals?

Most people have no plan of action and go into things, almost blindfolded swinging and hoping to hit something... hoping to achieve some kind of a result.

But I really believe 'Nothing worth achieving, comes easy'

It has taken me over 8 years of training and dieting, having skipped cake even on my own birthday, staying home and being consistent and missing out on a lot of social activities, to be able to achieve the physique that I have...

Everything great in life, will have a price that you have to pay. Will require a lot of action and consistency, in light of poor results...

The first 4 years of my training, have been super slow in terms of results, because of my lack of understanding of nutrition and proper training.

In the 8 years of training, I've probably had only 3 years of solid gains and the other 5 years spent,on trial and error when it comes to diets and training methods, to really test what works best for my own physique..

I've had lots of moments, when I would be extremely angry with my results, frustrated and screaming at the mirror, infuriated by my lack gains...

But if you ask me now, if it was all worth it, I would say hell yeah!

I love going through this journey, because it has taught me so much. We learn best from our own mistakes and experiences and that's what defines our character, that's what builds and strengthens our minds...

If you continue to push through those times when you see no results, when everything is failing and things are breaking.... You will become so much stronger!

Think well and find your deep, personal reasons for getting in shape, it Could Be...

I want to be a better role model for my kids

I want to be more confident in the bedroom

I want to be more productive at work

Hey it could be anything! Because these are your OWN personal reasons... What would really light your fire and get you out of bed and into the gym?!

For myself I find that I feel so much more motivated and outgoing when I feel that my physique looks great. I feel confident & energized, I feel happy and I feel productive.

Write down your own Deep & Personal reasons for getting in shape. Whenever you feel low on confidence and motivation, look at those reasons...