How To Burn Your Belly Fat With This 1 Easy Diet Trick

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With summer in full swing in Australia, you're looking to get in shape and to burn that annoying belly fat that's been bugging you for quite some time now and reveal that six pack hiding under those slabs of fat... You want to finally be able to go to the beach and take off your shirt with confidence and look like Wolverine... lean, muscular, the works...

You've just joined a gym and really putting in the work, but the belly fat just doesn't seem to budge... Sounds familiar? Ouch, it's quite annoying....

Now you've hopefully realized that your diet is not where it should be, in order to get that six pack and that's an area where most people struggle with... and MyFitnessPal can definitely make your life easier with tracking your diet.

Most people don't want to give up their pizza and chocolates... luckily I never had to.. in fact I'm still eating them once a week and still being able to get in my best shape... I never thought that was possible, but it is!

In fact one of my office worker clients is eating small portions of chocolate cake and at his best shape with a good six pack and he's almost 44!

The idea of eating chocolate cake on your cheat day and getting your six pack, sounds almost too good to be true...

Now we're slightly veering off topic, because when I start talking about cheat foods, I get way too excited... reminds me I have to post a blog on some of my favorite cheat day places to go to here in Sydney... Stay tuned for that.

Over the last 4-8 weeks I've been trialing a few different methods, to see what works best for me, in order to burn my belly fat faster and really dial in closer to that elusive 8% body fat... I want that photoshopped look, as do most of my clients as well... funnily some of them are reaching it even past their 40's!

I'm going to share 1 great trick to burn your belly fat faster and I will try to make it as simple as possible for you.

Let's say you're eating 1800 calories per day, which is a great number to start off any weight loss program... And let's say you're currently eating 3 times per day, of 600 calories each.

Now what my little trick involves is... instead of eating 3 times per day, start eating 6 times per day of only 300 calories in each meal. Small, snack based meals, that leave you hungry for about 1 hour before your next meal, eating every 2-3 hours..

I find that when I've been the hungriest through a particular day, I've lost more body fat and more weight on the following day... Quite interesting, because on days that I eat larger meals, even eating at the same calories as my smaller meal day... I don't get as hungry and eventually I don't burn as much fat...

I'm starting to associate the hunger feeling, with an increased metabolism, which I find only occurs when I eat smaller portioned meals around the 300-350 calorie mark. As soon as my meals go over the 400 calorie mark, I lose the sense of hunger and my results don't come in as nicely.


So there you have it, my 1 simple trick to get you losing that annoying belly fat faster! Providing that you're going to gym 4-5 days consistently and tracking your calories/ macros in MyfitnessPal... You should see that belly fat burn and in no time you'll be at the beach strutting your stuff and showing off your newly sculpted six pack haha!

If you need more of my personal help to help you burn your annoying belly fat, contact me.

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