Why Office Workers Benefit From A Great Diet And Training Routine

During my years of online fitness coaching, I've found that office workers in particular, more so than any other profession, have really been amazing clients. They've benefited the most from having a great diet and training routine and really gotten amazing results with my coaching...

I've quickly jumped on the 'office worker clients only' bandwagon, because I mean... who doesn't love working with great clients?

Having realized that not only I love working with such dedicated and passionate individuals but they actually take all my advice on board and start implementing my tips straight away... That's something that a lot of people can't actually do...

I've had plenty of clients go through 3 months of coaching while doing absolutely nothing... in many cases not even responding to emails or contact...

People love talking about getting in shape and how much they are willing to go through a weight loss program... but when it comes to actually putting in the work, they quickly go awol...

But not office workers...

And quite honestly I've asked myself, why is it that office workers are able to really enjoy and stick to a great routine?

Is it perhaps because being in an office position, they are quite used to routine and schedule and working with deadlines?

It's quite fascinating, because when you really think about it... being in an office job, doing the typical 9-5 or perhaps even longer hours depending on your position... You're spending a good 80% of your week at work, surrounded by stress, annoying co - workers, deadlines that are hard to meet, the works.

Having a great routine in place with your diet and training, can perhaps brings some order to your life and make you feel in control. And that's quite an important feeling, because we all want to feel in control of our lives...

Most offices will have their certain routines and schedules in place, that office workers have to adhere to, making them very accustomed to routine. Perhaps that is the key!

Working at the office, there will be plenty of sitting around to do and that is definitely an area that can really slow down your metabolism, making you feel sluggish and unfit....

Most office workers will struggle with their weight, bulging belly fat, love handles and no muscle definition... because of the slowed metabolism from sitting down for the most part of their day...

Now there's a lot of things to counter a slowed metabolism at the office, such as taking regular walks around the office, increasing your intensity at the gym through shorter rest times between sets and doing HIIT workouts... etc.

But the number 1 key and the most important area that most of my office worker clients have told me, that benefited them... was the diet!

Having a great diet routine, with the correct meal timings, the right foods to eat, how to track their macros and calories easily and consistently have been crucial to their success...

Now because at the late 2016 and start of 2017, I've really focused on building great relationships with all my office worker clients through personal phone calls. I've really been able to coach them through their diet, training and motivation struggles and provide valuable insights as well as those unusual tips, that always make the biggest difference...

My office worker clients, without doubt get the best results and are sculpting their physiques even into their 40's! Not even age can stop their great habits, hard work and dedication... making them my ideal clients for a reason.

If you're an office worker looking to lose weight, burn your belly fat and sculpt your physique naturally... And think you might benefit from my 1 on 1 online coaching, I would love to hear from you! You can apply to become a client by clicking here.

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