How Office Workers Can Build Lean Muscle Naturally With A Focus On Diet

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As a busy office worker, you're probably shifting your focus on building some sculpted lean muscle, naturally. You want those guns popping out of your shirt, that nice muscle definition and perhaps a ripped six pack... Wouldn't that be nice? Hell yeah!

At Fitez Natural, I'm all about natural health and fitness and I love keeping those beautiful aesthetics and proportions... I know it can be quite a challenge to build lean muscle naturally and it's a long grind of a process... So I want to share with you some insights into how you can gain lean muscle naturally.

To put that in perspective, I've trained for 9 years, as a lifetime natural bodybuilder... Over the last 3 years of super consistent training and dieting (5 days per week), I've built about 3-4kg of lean muscle at 5 foot 5 (165 cm).

Now the above is not to discourage you, but just to serve as a realistic expectation as a natural lifter, building lean muscle can take some time.

If you've just started training seriously, depending on your current height/weight, genetics, experience and consistency... you might just be able to put on a good 4-5kg of lean muscle in one year!

I've trained for a good 9 years, 4 of which have been super consistent with an emphasis on my diet. And the one thing that I believe has helped me overcome those 'sticking points' to help me keep building that lean muscle... has been my diet.

Whenever I've shifted my focus from training to diet and eating over my maintenance calories, I've always gained muscle... Learning how to track my diet using MyFitnessPal has definitely been a major part of my success.

At the moment of writing, I weigh 66kg at 5 foot 5 (165cm) and around 9% - 10% body fat...

To lose weight, I need to be eating 1800 calories... To maintain my current weight, I would probably have to eat around 2000 calories... and to gain lean muscle, I suspect I would need to be eating around 2200 - 2300 calories.

Now to be gaining lean muscle naturally, with minimal fat gains, you would have to be eating around 200-300 calories over your maintenance calories. But sometimes you might need to go slightly more, depending on your body type.

The key is to perform some trial and error and see how your body responds.. You should aim to gain about 0.25kg - 0.5kg max per week, closer to the lower amount, to make sure you're gaining at least 50% lean muscle.

I know it can be a slow process and you might get excited to gain more than the recommended 0.25kg - 0.5kg per week, but you will find that the extra fat gain will not be worth it in the end and will take prolonged dieting to strip off. And the longer you spend dieting, the higher chance you will have to lose muscle mass.


Hands down the best way to approach gaining lean muscle naturally as an Office Worker, is to focus on your diet. It can definitely be a challenge, finding the right foods to bring to the office...but in fact the most important thing to do is doing meal prep the night before.

Prepare your breakfast and lunch from the night before and gaining that lean muscle will be a breeze.

If you're an office worker looking to build lean muscle naturally and think you might benefit from my online coaching, feel free to get in touch with me.

Let's start tracking your diet and smashing your gym sessions and build that amazing natural physique!

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