How To Speed Up Your Metabolism As An Office Worker

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Do you feel that working at your office job, your metabolism has slowed down and your weight loss results have stopped? Are you finding it quite a challenge to burn your annoying belly fat, that keeps bugging you as you sit down at your desk?

I know when I sit down after my usual weekly cheat meal, it can be a little depressing, when your fat starts rolling on top of itself, creating a bit of a doughnut... a not so tasty or aesthetic one either...

A slowed metabolism can definitely be quite a bother and an area that you might be thinking about, because after all.. all that sitting around can definitely hit you where it hurts... Your belly fat!

Funny thing that I've noticed that, on the days that I've spent the majority of my day sitting down and avoiding my short breaks, where I walk around... I find that I struggle to burn the fat and lose weight... On the days that I've spent being the most active, eating small meals according to my schedule - every 3 hours... making sure that I get hungry between meals... I've seen some pretty fast results.


In order to speed up your metabolism, I'm a firm believer in connecting the feeling of hunger, to a fast metabolism...

Have you had a day, where you've eaten about 6-7 times, but just kept getting intensely hungry every few hours... demolishing everything in sight?

Well it turns out, after performing multiple tests on myself and the one common thing to seeing my weight loss and fat reduction, has been... Hunger.

On the days that I've been hungriest the most, I've seen the best results with my physique.

This leads me to think, that getting hungry between meals = better fat loss results and a faster metabolism.


Let's start off simple and just go with a walk around the office for a couple of minutes. Drink some coffee, chug a good half a liter of water and stretch a little. I find when I get up from my desk and walk around after every 1-2 hours of work, even for 1min or 2...

My metabolism seems to get happy from the extra little bit of exercise, as tiny as it may be... and I always see favorable results with my physique.

"Sometimes the smallest things that you never think about, can have the biggest effect on your physique"


I've seen this mistake made too many times, where gym goers focus on long cardio sessions of about 1 hour and a half, then they jump off the treadmill soaked in sweat, pick up some dumbbells for 5 minutes and quickly rush out of the gym...

This is the opposite of what you SHOULD be doing, because the key to a faster metabolism is having Lean Muscle Mass... Because the more lean muscle mass you have, the harder your body has to work in order to maintain it, using up calories in the process...

By adding 1kg of extra lean muscle on your physique you will burn around 120 calories per day... even when you're resting and sitting down at the office... Pretty cool hey?


Now getting a little more into things. I'm a firm believer that HIIT sprints work best, especially in sedentary jobs, where you spend the majority of your day, with little activity...

I love sprinting on the treadmill for 20 secs on, 20 secs rest. Repeating that over 10 minutes maximum, to make sure that I don't burn any of my hard earned muscle. This works amazingly to speed up your metabolism for up to 2 days after your workout!