3 Great Weight Loss Snacks To Bring To The Office


Eating healthy while at the office can be quite a challenge, especially when you get into that 'hangry' state where even the sound of someone breathing too hard, gets your blood boiling... The problem lies in the fact that, once you let yourself to get out of routine and into that 'starvation mode' you are very likely going to binge on anything and everything in sight... including those cupcakes sitting on that bench...

I believe The key to a steady weight loss, lies in finding snack- able foods that are easy to access and great to munch on in between meals, to help curb your appetite and sooth your mood. The perfect weight loss diet will have a great variety of snack-able foods, that are sort of like little healthy treats, that make you feel like saying 'Hey is this even a diet?'

After dieting for a good 8 months... I've discovered some great little snacks that have helped with my diet, to make it seem a lot more flexible. I will share 3 of my favourite snacks with you, that you can bring to the office and munch on in between meals.


I love almonds, specifically because they are easy to bring with you, crunchy and taste great. A great way to add some more healthy fats into your diet. Try to grab between 10-15 almonds in your palm and place the bag away. Because if you start eating from the bag, 10-15 almonds can quickly turn into 50 almonds... because they are so easy to over-eat...


Blueberries have been a staple of my diet, alongside strawberries as well. The reason for that is because berries are known for having lower calorie and carb amounts compared to their counter parts... making them perfect to snack on, while staying within my carb and calorie limit. You can bring a punnet of them to the office and snack on them in between meals, or after your lunch.


I personally love quest bars and had quite a frenzy at one stage eating them. I eventually got up to eating 3 of them per day... costing around $4 each here in Australia... this was overdoing it a tad.

Eating one quest bar per day, would be optimal, especially after a great workout, to help you with your recovery. Quest bars can also be used as a meal replacement, sitting at around 200 calories for each flavor. I would go with the cookie and cream flavor, which was my favorite so far.


Now these are some quick snack-able foods that you can bring to the office, that can most definitely help you with your weight loss. The key is moderation, because too much of anything can be bad for you. Prepare your foods that you will bring to the office from the night before and create a little routine for yourself. Your body will thank you for it and you will see some pretty amazing weight loss results soon!

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