1 Silly Weight Loss Mistake You're Making As An Office Worker

Have you noticed that on the days you've spent being the least active, forgetting to take your regular walks at the office, you've gained weight?

I know I am definitely noticing this trend within my own physique, because on the days that I work away for 5-6 hours straight without taking a break...

I find that all that sitting down really hits me hard and about 90% of the time I end up with a higher waist measurement and an annoying increase in my weight for the day after...


No matter if I eat within my daily calories and macros, how amazing my gym workout was, it seems that my lack of overall daily activity is a major factor to slower weight loss results...

This can be quite frustrating, especially if you're eating perfectly within your diet and training well... Causing you to just binge on some chips and ramen just like I am at the moment... Let's be honest here, it's what happens.

I woke up today, performed my usual daily measurements and it turned out that I've gained around 1kg of weight and my waist increased by about 0.5 inches...

Even though I've eaten within my 1800 calories, my set Macros and doing an amazing workout yesterday (even setting a personal 18.7km per hour HIIT treadmill sprints record) ...Ouch, what a downer...

Now I've made the mistake to not stay within my routine and take regular Walks, every 45 mins-1 hour... Working away for 4-5 hours yesterday, simply because when I get into something...

My perfectionist side takes over and I need to make sure things are done perfectly before I can take a break... now as you can imagine this can take some time..


"Going forward, the best strategy to implement, is to set alarms on your phone for every 1 hour, just so that you get back into the habit of taking your regular walks... I I find they really help to keep me organized and within my routine. "


1. On the days I fall out of routine and work away for 4-5 hours straight, I find I don't get as hungry as often. On those days, I rarely see good results with my physique and 90% of the time end up putting on weight.

2. On the days that I take regular walks, stay somewhat active and get hungry more during the day... I see the best results within my physique and I end up losing weight and reaching my goals.

The above trends are repeating over and over and I can definitely spot this pattern... I mean this definitely makes sense, it's not rocket science... the more active you are through your entire day, the better results you will get.

Sometimes it takes a little more than a great diet and intense workouts to keep progressing with your physique... Especially if you're around the 9% body fat like I am. The lower body fat you are, the harder it becomes to keep progressing... a time in which, every little detail matters.

Because the majority of my days I spend sitting down, I have to ensure that I spend at least around 10 mins walking around for every 1 hour of work...

Let's keep active and take those regular walks every 45min-1hour and start seeing some amazing changes within our physiques!

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