How Kevin Lost 8kg In 8 Weeks - Client Case Study

Weight loss transformation

I'm very excited to share with you some insight as to how we were able to get my great client, Kevin a solid 8kg of weight loss in his first 8 weeks of coaching. Topping that with a great 4 inch waist loss and a considerable increase in lean muscle mass... needless to say we've made some gains.

Now Kevin is a one of a kind client, that comes a long very rarely... From our first chat, I had a great feeling about his dedication and I wasn't wrong.

He is a busy office worker and came to me, because he was particularly interested in sculpting his physique naturally, without the use of chemicals.

That was perfectly understandable and hey... that's what I'm all about, natural health and fitness!

He also mentioned before my coaching, he was training at the gym for years, without seeing results... Now that's quite a common thing I believe with most gym goers, who train for years without seeing any reasonable progress and seeking help... most of which have never even considered getting a coach.

Kevin had a background in triathlon running and some basic experience in tracking calories, which made the transition quite easy. Because he was already used to routine and had some understanding of diet tracking.

Now what surprised me was his amazing dedication and consistency from day 1... He was tracking every single workout, no excuses, no complaints... Tracking the diet that I set him, which I thoroughly explained within our phone call setup.

I believe in being as thorough as possible within the initial program setup, to set realistic expectations, to explain the program well and to really give as much insights as possible.

Once you have a clear vision in your fitness journey, things become just that little bit easier and less stressful.

I taught Kevin exactly how to track his diet, in a simple way, to be able to meet his required Macros and Calories I set for him. Macros being his (Protein, Carbs and Fats) Now most people freak out, just slightly when they hear they have to actually put in the work... But not Kevin... He immediately started applying my teachings, and tracking his workouts and diet on the app I use to coach him.

I also emphasized the fact of including a weekly cheat meal, which he initially was reluctant to include... but eventually started enjoying.

Most people are afraid to include a weekly cheat meal, because they feel it will slow down their results. But in fact the opposite happens... Your Metabolism Increases... providing the meal is structured well within your diet and you've seen reasonable results before having it.

Now let's take a look at how his weight loss progress...

weight loss chart

As you can see there was a sharp drop in weight loss in weeks 1, week 4 and week 6. Week 5 there was a slight weight increase of 0.5kg and that was because it was 31st of December, right around the new year holidays and a bit of a weight increase was to be expected.

I mean we are only human and we want to enjoy some food around the holidays...

The sharp drops in weight loss were because of a steady decrease of calories and and an increase in intensity at the gym.

Things like shorter rest times between sets, including more exercises, increasing the intensity of HIIT Treadmill Sprints (my favorite) etc.

"I believe in a steady progression of both diet and training, to be able to see consistent weight loss results "