How Much Protein Do You Need In Your Diet To Lose 4 Kg In 4 Weeks

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Do you want to know how much protein you should really be eating as a busy office worker, to speed up your weight loss results?

Chances are that you're not consuming enough protein in your diet, doing too much cardio at the gym and burning off most of your muscle mass. This leads to a slower metabolism and can quite literally destroy your results.

Combine that with your already slow metabolism from sitting down for the most part of your day at the office and that's a perfect recipe for weight loss failure...

And that wouldn't be fun at all...

But don't worry...

Losing 4kg in 4 weeks is quite an achievable weight loss goal and consuming enough protein within your diet will help you get there!

Now I'm going to get straight into it and tell you that what I've observed and based on my experience with most of my coaching clients... using the formula of...

2X your body weight in Kg to calculate your protein requirements... works quite well.

Eg, I weight 66kg at the moment and ideally I want to be getting around 132g of protein + per day. On most days I go up to around 150g in my diet..

You would ideally want to track your protein intake as well as your overall Macros (Protein, Carbs and Fats).

Using an app such as MyFitnessPal to track your diet can help you to make sure you're hitting your protein requirements.

Now why do you really need all that extra protein??

Well quite simply, in order to speed up your metabolism, you need to start building more lean muscle mass... The extra protein will help to speed up this process.

More muscle mass, burns more calories while at rest = more weight loss for you.

And you know your 1 hour + running sessions at the gym?

They are burning off your muscle mass, at an especially fast rate, if your protein and your overall nutrition is inadequate.

Moral of the story?

1. Eat 2X your body weight in kg of protein

2. Increase the time of your weight training sessions to about 40 mins

3. Decrease your cardio sessions to only around 20 minutes (but make them more intense)

And watch your weight loss results shoot through the roof!


Once you start increasing your protein intake and tracking your macros and calories, your