3 Effective Ways To Motivate You To Get In The Gym

Are you struggling to find motivation to hit the gym? Are you lacking the drive and determination to get in the gym and have that amazing workout?

There's a great saying that goes along the lines of.... "Everybody wants to get in a great shape, but no one wants to put in the work"

OK, I might've just made that one up, so slightly, but it's true!

We all want to reach an amazing natural physique, lean and muscular...

But the months and sometimes years needed of blood, sweat and tears to get there, separates the dedicated from the..

'I've tried to get my six pack for a whole month, now it's time to get back to the couch, eating my potato chips' ... group of people.

Now what most people don't realize is that to get from your current shape to your ideal physique, can take a lot longer than you expect.

And setting yourself unrealistic expectations can definitely make you lose hope, motivation and eventually give up going to the gym.

I'm sure most gyms would be super happy, as a good 60-70% of their members rarely go.

Now because I want to pump you up for that amazing workout that you've been planning to get in, but have been just slightly procrastinating on...

Here are some ways to get you motivated for your next session..


What I've recently been focusing on is the fact that, by setting long term goals such as I want to lose 12kg of weight, or drop from 20% body fat down to 10%...

This can really be discouraging because long term goals can take upwards of 12 weeks to achieve and that's if you have an amazing program, while being 100% dedicated and consistent with it...

Thinking short term can be something like, I want to drop 1/2 an inch of waist, or drop 1kg of weight loss by next week. Is that achievable? You bet!

By thinking short term, you become more focused on a more achievable goal within a quicker time frame, increasing your chances of success.

Now when you hit your realistic short term goal, chances are that your motivation will 10X and your following week of workouts will become a lot easier.


A great way to get you out of your procrastination is to think that if you don't go to gym, chances are you will...

1. You will put on more fat and increase your weight.

2. Your waist line will get bigger.

3. Your muscle tone will disappear.

We are more prone to take action when we feel pain, rather than the benefits of a specific task.

And thinking of the negative things that can happen, if we don't go to gym... Is a great strategy to really give you that well needed kick up the bum.


This is a bit of a strange tactic, but I find it has worked for me quite a few times.

By putting on my gym singlet, gym shorts and filling up my water bottle, which stares at me and kind of prompts me to go to gym.

If you're already in your gym clothes, your chances of getting to the gym increase rapidly.

When your mind tries to procrastinate, you will think, well I'm already in my gym clothes, I might as well go... A great way to fool your mind and push yourself to get in the gym anyway.


To build up your motivation to go to the gym on a regular basis, can take some time.

You need to have an amazing routine in place, which will become a habit, usually after about 8-12 weeks of staying super consistent.

You will also find that the better shape you get in, the more motivated and consistent you will become. And going to the gym will go from being a chore, to a very enjoyable and meditative experience.

If you need more of my help to reach your best natural physique, feel free to apply for a free 30 min fitness consultation with me, to see if I can help you with your goals.

Let's get motivated and start smashing your gym workouts!

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