How To Do HIIT Sprints To Speed Up Your Weight Loss

Do you find your cardio routine is not getting you the weight loss you want? Are you leaving the gym, not sweating much and not feeling like you had a great workout?

Worry not, because the cardio method I'm going to share with you is my all time favorite way of losing weight and burning stubborn belly fat fast! In fact this is the exact method I used to achieve my first sight of my six pack abs, roughly 8 years ago now.

What is HIIT anyway? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

In simple terms, short bursts of all out intensity, followed by a short break.

"Sprinting is my all time favorite way of burning fat and losing weight fast."


Now 8 years ago, I had a vision to sculpt my first six pack abs...

I wanted to achieve them so bad, but it just wasn't working for me and I had no clue why...

I was eating 'healthy' and doing my usual 100+ crunches per day, but my doughnut shaped stomach was only getting bigger....

After doing some research I learned that I actually had to perform some cardio and that the best form of cardio was Sprints...

I was quite used to sprinting, so I thought, hey why not?

I started going to the park by myself and sprinting my heart out...

I would sprint for 20-30 secs, rest for about 1 minute max between rounds and then repeat that over 10-15 times.

On a few occasions I would vomit, because my body wasn't used to that crazy intensity.

It felt weird, but somehow invigorating and I felt great because not only was my fitness improving, but I started seeing rapid weight loss and my belly fat started burning like crazy....

Every day I would wake up to some new ab definition and I was eager to go to the park and smash some more sprints.

Now 8 years later, my methods have stayed consistent, but slightly changed as I prefer to use the Treadmill at my apartment gym.

I prefer to use the Treadmill For my HIIT Sprints because I can accurately gauge how fast I'm running and for how long...

So that I can increase my intensity week by week, when I need to, to make sure I'm constantly challenging myself.

The great thing I love about sprints is that I actually feel like I've had a great workout, sweating, breathing hard and heart pounding intensely...

All within a 10 minute cardio workout. Crazy right?


I personally love sprints and performing them within only 10 minutes, making them as intense as possible within that time.

If you're looking for a great workout and you're strapped for time and hate the boring 1 hour running sessions then sprinting might be great for you.

Plus you will enjoy the added benefit of extended fat loss, because of the high intensity, causing your body to recover for 24-36 hours after your session, burning calories in the process.

That means that you can burn fat, while watching TV, quite literally. Not too bad right?


If you have any joint problems, bad knees, heart problems etc.. I would not recommend sprints as they are a super high intensity method and can place a high impact on your joints.


Equipment: Treadmill

Warm up: 3 Light Runs Of Increased Speed

Sprints Length: 20 Secs

Rest Between Sets: 20 Secs (Let Treadmill Run and Jump Off to the Side)

Total Sprint Sets: 10 Sets+

Total Workout Time: 10 Minutes

Cool Down: 2-5 Minutes Fast Walking + Leg/Calve And Glute Stretching

I would usually do my Weight Training first thing, for about 40-50 mins and then my HIIT sprints at the end of my workout.

Remember weight training is more important than your cardio for your weight loss, because the more muscle you have = more calories you can burn at rest. I recommend you always perform your weight training session first and cardio at the end.


Before starting your sprints, start off with a slow run X 2-3 sets of increasing speed up to your max sprint speed.

For example, at the moment I'm sprinting at 18-18.5km per hour. So I would start my sprints session warm up at 15 km for 30 secs, 16.5km for 25 secs, 17.5km for 20 secs and then starting my main workout.


Now what is important to figure out is, what is a good speed for you to Sprint for a Max 20 secs, so that by the 20th second, you're breathing hard and heart is pounding well.

It takes a little experimenting at first, to figure out the right speed, but once you find it. you can keep increasing it, week by week.

Let's say that you've narrowed down that your max speed is 14km per hour, sprinting for 20 secs, resting for 20 secs, over a 10 minute total.

Now the reason I suggest sprinting for only 20 seconds, is because I've worked out that 20 seconds is the perfect time to be sprinting to provide you with the right amount of intensity.

The reason why you should be resting only 20 seconds, is because it will keep your heart rate still super high and the intensity will multiply by each round.

You should find that by the 6th minute of your 10 minute workout. You will be extremely tired and your mind will tell you to stop and give up...

But just push through it and always get in your 10 minute workout, which is usually about 12-15 sprint rounds for me.


So you've finished your 10 minute sprints, heart is pounding like crazy, sweat is dripping, amazing work!

So now I would recommend cooling down with a fast paced walk of about 5.5km to 6km per hour for about 2-5 minutes.

Jump off the treadmill and perform about 5 minutes of Calve, Quad, Hamstring and Glute stretches, holding them for about 30 seconds while taking deep breaths.


If you're looking for a great way to speed up your weight loss results, I definitely suggest trying out sprints and and experimenting a little to find the right speed for you to use, as well as the correct intensity... because we are all different and our bodies adapt quite quickly.

Feel free to try my Sprints method explained and let me know how it worked for you!

If you need more of my personal help, feel free to Apply For a Free 30 Min Fitness Consultation with me to see if I can help you with your fitness goals.

Let's start sprinting and seeing some amazing weight loss today!

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