10 Diet Mistakes You're Making And How To Fix Them

Are you trying your best to eat healthy, but your weight loss has stopped or you're even gaining weight? Find out the top 10 diet mistakes that you're making and how to fix them for good so that you can see the results you want.

Weight loss and dieting can have their fair share of challenges to see steady progress with, because there is just so much information out there!


We are overwhelmed with the hundreds of articles, bad advice from your friends and family and doing lots of trial and error to see what works and what doesn't.

But sometimes we can really get stuck in a rut and your weight loss will stop, seemingly without a reason...

Now I believe in order to see the best weight loss results, you have to really shift your focus to your diet and pay quite a lot of attention to it.

Most people hear the word 'Diet' and start thinking of words like, starving for hours on end, too much food restriction, eating bland foods such as broccoli and tuna all day...

But in fact a great diet, should leave you satisfied and make you feel amazing.

Is that even possible, I hear you say... Yea it is!

I'm absolutely enjoying my diet at the moment, being able to lose the kg of weight and inches of fat, while eating bacon, eggs, avocados, almonds....

I personally prefer a high fat/moderate protein/low carb diet for 5-6 days per week ( who doesn't love eating bacon and eggs in a diet, right? )

And then once a week I would have a nice cheat meal, of a juicy burger and chips at some place close to the Sydney CBD and usually finish it off with a little dessert such as some chocolates (I've got a bit of a sweet tooth)

Now as you can see, it's really possible to enjoy your diet and based on my experience and my coaching clients, dieting can in fact be quite flexible and still get you amazing results.

So what are the 10 diet mistakes you're making right now?

Let's go through them with you...

Diet Mistake #1: Not Having A Diet Routine

90% of people will not have a proper diet routine in place, causing them to always be 'guessing' their diet and eating at random times. When you start guessing your diet, it becomes difficult to know how much calories and macros you're consuming. Meaning that you can't adjust your diet, when your results stop.

How To Fix:

Find a diet you can easily stick to, with the right foods, meal timings included. I recommend trying out a Low Carb or a Carb Cycling Diet, with a weekly cheat meal. Because most of us respond quite well to low carbs generally speaking.

Diet Mistake #2: Not Tracking Your Macros & Calories

Most people simply don't make the time to track their Macros & Calories, because they feel like it's too much work involved or it's too confusing. But in fact tracking these things down, is crucial to seeing the best results.

How To Fix:

Learn how to track your diet and use a diet tracking app such as MyfitnessPal. The learning process will usually take around 4-6 weeks to really get used to it and get into the rhythm. But once you get it, your results will 10X.

Diet Mistake #3: Not Eating Enough Protein In Your Diet

Do you really know how much protein you should be eating in your diet? Once you learn how to track your diet and see your protein consumption... in most cases you will realize that you're not eating enough protein.

Not eating enough, means that you won't be able to recover as optimally from your training sessions and you can miss out on some potential muscle gains.

The extra muscle mass will help with your weight loss, because of the increased calorie burning.

How To Fix:

I recommend eating about 2X your body weight in kg of protein. If you weigh 70kg, eating around 140kg is generally a good starting point.

Diet Mistake #4: Not Having A Weekly Cheat Meal

Once you really get into your diet routine and start seeing some favorable results. You will start to feel scared to have a weekly cheat meal, I know I do.

The problem lies in the fact that, extended periods of calorie and carb restriction, can cause your body to go into a form of starvation mode...

In which it tries to hold on to it's fat stores. This means that you can be eating extremely low calories, but still not managing to lose weight. Quite frustrating, right?

How To Fix:

Simply just start having a weekly cheat meal, preferably after a big workout at the gym, first thing after. I prefer to have my cheat days on my leg days. Because legs are a big muscle group, burning more calories during my workout...

Hence having your cheat meal straight after a big muscle group day at the gym, all the extra calories will go into muscle repair rather than fat storage. In theory.

Diet Mistake #6: Not Drinking Enough Water

I know I personally struggle with this one, but have really put more of my attention to it. Drinking too much water can be a bad thing (and annoying too) ...

Not drinking enough water can be bad as well. In both cases you will start to feel bloated, your weight loss might stall, your muscle definition becomes blurry, etc. Most of your bodily processes require a good amount of water, as your body is made up for 70% water.

How To Fix:

Gradually start increasing your water intake if you find you're drinking under 2L of water per day. Optimally try to aim for around 2.5L -3L of water per day. Try to buy a 750L or 1L water bottle and re fill it a few times to get your required water intake for the day.

Diet Mistake #7: Not Staying Consistent With Your Diet

Now this is a major one and will either make or break or weight loss results. Most people will start a diet for 1-2 weeks and quickly give it up, because it was too restrictive.

Like I mentioned before, finding the right diet, should leave you satisfied rather than starved. This is a big key to your weight loss success and will determine whether you can stay consistent... or whether you give up.

How To Fix:

Find a flexible diet that you can easily stick to and focus on setting yourself short weight loss goals every week. Such as to lose 1kg by next week. This will keep you focused and consistent, while enjoying your diet and new results.

Diet Mistake #8: Not Eating Enough Fiber In Your Diet

Most people just don't have the time to cook and prepare their food (or so they say) and end up eating a lot of take away foods, which severely lack fiber.

Not eating enough fiber in your diet, will leave you hungry more often, which usually tends to lead to a food binge. Therefore gaining weight on certain days and that can lead to some Yo-Yo dieting.

How To Fix:

Start eating around 25g of fiber per day for males or more towards 30g for females. These numbers are generally good to keep you full through the day and help you avoid those cravings.

Diet Mistake #9: Skipping Your Breakfast

Have you had those days where, you woke up past your alarm, running late for work and skipping your breakfast? Perhaps that has happened on a few occasions?

Chances are that if you skip your breakfast, you will over eat on your lunch, because of your increased hunger. The hungrier you get, the higher the chance of not eating quite healthy and opting for that burger and chips, you knew you shouldn't have had.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it will keep you full and satisfied until lunch, causing you to be right on track with your diet.

How To Fix:

Set an alarm or even two, 30 mins or so earlier than your usual wake up time, just to make sure to get in a solid breakfast. And remember to never skip it!

Diet Mistake #10: Not Having Diet Accountability

Now having diet accountability is perhaps one of the most important factors, that will determine whether or not you stay consistent with your diet.

There are some people who have an amazing work ethic and you really can't bring them out of routine... And there are some who really can benefit from the diet accountability, from either a coach, partner or friend.

How To Fix:

I personally recommend getting a coach for that extra accountability, because your friends or partner might just let you off the hook if you mess up your diet and that will not have the needed effect that you need.

You need someone to really call you out and check in with you regularly, to give you that extra focus to stay on your diet.


We're not perfect when it comes to dieting and we tend to lose focus and make these diet mistakes regularly. Losing weight and getting in shape isn't easy, otherwise everybody would be walking around with a shredded six pack all year round...

I know I certainly make some silly diet mistakes but as long as you become more aware of them and get yourself into an amazing diet routine that you can enjoy with lots of regular accountability, you can finally take your physique to the next level.

If you need more of my personal help, feel free to apply for a free 30 min fitness consultation with me, to see if I can help you with your goals.

Let's start fixing your diet mistakes and seeing some amazing weight loss results!

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