10 Diet Mistakes You're Making And How To Fix Them

diet mistakes

Are you trying your best to eat healthy, but your weight loss has stopped or you're even gaining weight? Find out the top 10 diet mistakes that you're making and how to fix them for good so that you can see the results you want.

Weight loss and dieting can have their fair share of challenges to see steady progress with, because there is just so much information out there!


We are overwhelmed with the hundreds of articles, bad advice from your friends and family and doing lots of trial and error to see what works and what doesn't.

But sometimes we can really get stuck in a rut and your weight loss will stop, seemingly without a reason...

Now I believe in order to see the best weight loss results, you have to really shift your focus to your diet and pay quite a lot of attention to it.

Most people hear the word 'Diet' and start thinking of words like, starving for hours on end, too much food restriction, eating bland foods such as broccoli and tuna all day...

But in fact a great diet, should leave you satisfied and make you feel amazing.

Is that even possible, I hear you say... Yea it is!

I'm absolutely enjoying my diet at the moment, being able to lose the kg of weight and inches of fat, while eating bacon, eggs, avocados, almonds....

I personally prefer a high fat/moderate protein/low carb diet for 5-6 days per week ( who doesn't love eating bacon and eggs in a diet, right? )

And then once a week I would have a nice cheat meal, of a juicy burger and chips at some place close to the Sydney CBD and usually finish it off with a little dessert such as some chocolates (I've got a bit of a sweet tooth)

Now as you can see, it's really possible to enjoy your diet and based on my experience and my coaching clients, dieting can in fact be quite flexible and still get you amazing results.

So what are the 10 diet mistakes you're making right now?

Let's go through them with you...

Diet Mistake #1: Not Having A Diet Routine

90% of people will not have a proper diet routine in place, causing them to always be 'guessing' their diet and eating at random times. When you start guessing your diet, it becomes difficult to know how much calories and macros you're consuming. Meaning that you can't adjust your diet, when your results stop.

How To Fix:

Find a diet you can easily stick to, with the right foods, meal timings included. I recommend trying out a Low Carb or a Carb Cycling Diet, with a weekly cheat meal. Because most of us respond quite well to low carbs generally speaking.

Diet Mistake #2: Not Tracking Your Macros & Calories

Most people simply don't make the time to track their Macros & Calories, because they feel like it's too much work involved or it's too confusing. But in fact tracking these things down, is crucial to seeing the best results.

How To Fix: