5 Secret Foods That Burn Your Belly Fat Naturally

Are you frustrated that your current diet isn't burning your belly fat? Do you want to drop the inches of stubborn fat faster? Find out these 5 secret foods that can help you burn your belly fat naturally, saving you the unneeded stress.

Stubborn belly fat! We've all had it at some point of our lives and had at least some level of difficulty getting rid of it... Am I right?

Sadly not many of us were born with a ripped six pack and still walk around with our baby fat that has been with us forever...

Getting rid of your belly fat for the first time, will be the most difficult task, but once you do it once, it becomes a lot easier to do in the future.

Having those excess inches of doughnut shaped fat around your mid section, can definitely cause you some worry and stress and really make you feel a lower than usual confidence and self esteem... Can you relate?

During my years of trial and error within my diet and trying way too many diets and approaches, I've come across 5 secret foods, that I use on a day to day basis, that have had a good impact on my physique...

Now please note that having these foods by themselves, will not burn your belly fat... UNLESS you learn how to properly manage your macros and calories.

These 5 foods will only give you that extra 5-10% of a metabolic boost, combined with a solid diet and training routine, can provide quite a significant impact to burning your annoying belly fat, naturally!

Let's go through them with you....

#1: Matcha Green Tea

Studies show that drinking green tea has positive effects in increasing your metabolism, because of the caffeine content.

Why Matcha Green Tea in particular? Because it has about 3X more caffeine and antioxidants than regular green tea! Pretty cool right?

This means that you can burn more calories and drop more belly fat, kill more cancer cells and live a long and fruitful life... Sounds great to me!

You can find it in your local Japanese food store and drink it before your workouts and at night, to help you burn those extra 30-50 calories per day. Hey why not? It all adds up!

#2: Moccona Hazelnut Coffee

I personally love this coffee and it has been a staple of my diet! It's an instant coffee with an infused hazelnut flavor.... mmhm sounds good doesn't it?

We know that the extra caffeine can boost your metabolism, so drinking a few cups of coffee can definitely help you torch that belly fat.

I try to drink about 2-3 cups per day and because it tastes so delicious, it kind of acts like a little cheat meal for me...

I have my coffee with around 80% hot water, 20% skim milk and 2 scoops of Organic Stevia Powder for that extra sweetness.

Per cup of my low calorie coffee there is only around 20-30 calories max.

#3: Quick Rolled Oats

Having a bowl of quick rolled oats in the morning for breakfast, will give you that well needed fiber in your diet and satisfy you until lunch!

Oats are truly a super food, as they are packed with fiber and quality clean carbs.

Having a 40-50g serving of oats in your breakfast, will help you kill your belly fat, by keeping you full and eliminating those annoying little food cravings in between meals.

I find that rice in general bloats my stomach, but oats seem to always go down quite well, especially in the morning and keep my stomach nice and happy, while losing the weight and inches of belly fat naturally!

#4: Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

Being on a diet, you really start to experiment with some low calorie dressings and sauces to add some extra flavor to your bland dishes... And that's how I came across this miracle food Sriracha!

Sriracha has capsaicin which is found in peppers and shown to increase your metabolism slightly, by turning up your body temperature.

This will give you that well needed metabolism boost to burn your belly fat naturally. It could be only another extra 20-50 calories per day, but combined with all the foods above and over time can give you that extra edge.

I love adding Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce to my eggs in the morning, in my salads for a dressing and just laying out on most of my stir-fry dishes etc. It adds that well needed flavor, especially if you're a nut for all things spicy!

#5: Stevia Organic Sweetener

Out of all sweeteners, I highly recommend this particular one, because it's super low calorie 2-5 calories and really helps to curb your sugar cravings, while keeping things as natural and healthy as possible.

How can this help to burn your belly fat?

By using organic stevia in your daily coffees and making healthy desserts, it can save you a whopping 200-300 calories that you could've used up on sugar or honey...

Less calories, less carbs, less insulin spikes = faster way to burn your belly fat naturally!

I can't live without Stevia and use it on a daily basis in my coffees and my chocolatey healthy desserts. I find by using it, I feel great and my sweet tooth cravings are not as intense... keeping me happy through the week and helping me enjoy my diet until my weekly cheat meal.


By using the above 5 foods to burn your belly fat naturally, you can really get a slight edge to help you reach your goals faster. And who doesn't like to feel like they are getting the most of their diet?

The true secret to your belly fat loss is in your self control and consistency and really learning how to track your calories and macros properly.

I have a great guide to help you track your diet using MyfitnessPal here.

Or you can download my free ebook to help you burn your belly fat.

If you're struggling to burn your belly fat and seeing slow results at the gym and committed to getting in shape, feel free to apply for a free 30 min fitness consultation with me.

Let's start using the above 5 secret foods and burn your belly fat naturally!

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