What Is The 5:2 Diet And Should You Really Try It

5:2 Diet

What is all this talk about the 5:2 Diet and is it really worth trying? Allow me to break it down for you and give you my honest opinion about whether or not it's worth trying for you.

The 5:2 Diet is becoming a bit of a hot topic at the moment and quite honestly I'm walking into this with a super skeptical mind... It definitely sounds like a fad diet to me, but let's delve in and find out what it really is.

What is the 5;2 Diet?

It's a popular form of intermittent fasting where for 5 days of the week you are eating 'sensibly' and for 2 of the days you're eating 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men. Or around 25% of your total required daily calories.

Not quite sure what it means by 'sensibly' because let's be honest, if most people eat 2000 calories without some form of restriction in their diet or a proper routine, that sensibly will turn into some nicely eaten binge meals at McDonalds.

And for 2 days of the week, which are supposed to be your 'calorie restriction' days, you are eating only 500-600 calories... What? Really?

So for 5 days a week you eat normal and for 2 days of the week you starve yourself basically...

That doesn't sound very optimal to me at all...

To put things into perspective, 500 calories, is basically one meal of some eggs, bacon, some toast and some veg... You will run out of calories really quick and starve for the most part of your day...

5:2 Diet Meal

If you're a busy individual, who goes to gym, goes to work, it's simply not enough... And once you get super hungry (or even hangry), chances are it will become difficult to control this hunger and you will binge on some food... I know I would.

The presumed assumption for the 5:2 Diet to help with weight loss, is to have you eating less calories over the course of the week, which is basically how weight loss happens anyway....

Less calories consumed than needed = Weight Loss.

So let's say that you need 2000 calories per day to maintain your weight. Over the course of the week you will need 14 000 Calories to stay the same weight.

With the 5:2 Diet, you will be eating around 11 000 calories ish per week, that's if you can really stick to your '2 starvation days of 500-600 calories'.


The whole point of a diet, is to form a great eating routine and habits that fit nicely into your lifestyle, for the whole 7 days a week.

The 5:2 Diet has you eating normally for 5 days and starving for 2 days.

I honestly think it's a popular fad diet that will die off pretty quick. People want something new to try or that 'magic pill' that will help them lose weight.

I believe Intermittent Fasting, is a solid diet to try, if you have a busy lifestyle and like eating,

1-2 bigger meals a day. Because unlike the 5:2 Diet, you can at least establish a nice routine for the entire 7 days and keep satisfied.