Paleo Vs Intermittent Fasting Vs Keto - Which Diet Can Suit You

paleo diet

Are you wondering if you should start a Paleo, Intermittent Fasting or even a Keto diet for weight loss? Do you want to find out which diet can potentially suit your lifestyle and kick start your results? Allow me to breakdown these 3 popular diets for you, to shed some light on their benefits and whether they can really suit you...

Finding the perfect weight loss diet is a very individual thing...

I personally believe that you have to fit the right diet into your lifestyle and make sure that you're both suitable for one another... almost like a little relationship if you will.

Once you form a great relationship with your new diet and learn how to fit it into your busy lifestyle, you will truly see some amazing weight loss results... without having to starve yourself.

Paleo, Intermittent fasting and Keto are 3 amazing diets that you can start, but all 3 are quite different in the foods they allow and the type of lifestyle and preferences they suit...

Let's briefly look at each diet and what they're all about...


paleo diet

The Paleo Diet focuses on eating only foods that you can hunt and gather, sort of like our ancestors who lived in the stone ages, hunting for their food...

This type of diet cuts out all processed foods such as breads and cereals, lollies and sugary foods... You're screaming already, right?

The Paleo Diet focuses on foods like, meat, eggs, fish, nuts, greens, vegetables to fuel your body with quality nutrition.

By cutting out all processed foods and focusing on quality, nutrient dense nutrition, you can really reduce your inflammation, lower your insulin spikes through the day, improve your immune system and dramatically lower the risk of lifestyle diseases (heart attacks, diabetes etc)

I really enjoy eating about 80% of my diet in a paleo style, because above all, I want to focus on clean, wholesome nutrition, that is minimally processed... I want to be able to treat my body like a temple and live a quality life, free of illnesses.


intermittent fasting diet

The intermittent fasting diet is more of a 'lifestyle diet' which allows you to go through patterns of fasting (no food) to windows of eating, based on your lifestyle.

For example, fasting from 8pm to 2pm (18 hours fast) and then eating from 2pm to 8pm (6 hour eating window) The fasting usually allows only tea, plain black coffee and water to be consumed and within your eating period, you consume all your required calories. That's usually 2-3 bigger meals per day.

The purpose of intermittent fasting, is to really fit the diet into a busy lifestyle, suitable for people who prefer to eat bigger meals within specific blocks of time. Usually around your training time I find works best, to ensure no fat gains.