How To Start A Fasting Diet To Burn Your Belly Fat Faster

Are you feeling frustrated at the fact that you're training hard at the gym and eating healthy, but your slabs of doughnut looking belly fat, just sit there? Are you considering starting a fasting diet to help fast track your gains, but just not sure how to start it?

In this post, I will share some easy tactics on how you can start fasting in some way or another and really burn your belly fat in a more straight forward way that can fit your busy lifestyle.

I understand your belly fat problems, because 8 years ago, I struggled to burn my belly fat, while doing 1000's of useless crunches with little results...

I really thought that baked beans and canned spaghetti, were 'clean' foods to eat...

Boy was I wrong...

And until I learned how to properly diet and train, (we're talking counting calories and macros, eating real, clean nutrition and doing intense HIIT sprints) I never really saw any changes in my belly fat area...


The sad reality is that 80%-90% of gym goers, continually slave away at the gym, doing 1-2 hours of boring running on the treadmill and still not seeing any changes in their belly area... Because they fail to realize that to burn your belly fat, you need to be focusing on 80% Diet and only 20% training...

Now the reason why I love writing about belly fat related tactics, is because it's always been a huge pain point for myself and most of my current clients...

Having belly fat will either make or break your confidence.

Whether it is taking off your shirt at the beach, going out on dates or even being seen as a role model by your partner and kids...

There is no superhero physique that has slabs of belly fat... We're used to seeing physiques such as Hugh Jackman's 'Wolverine' physique, Gerard Butler's '300' physique, some of which have been a huge inspiration for me to get my first 6 pack abs...

With Intermittent Fasting gaining popularity, I decided to try my own approach to fasting to help me fast track my belly fat burning process...


Intermittent fasting is a style of diet, where you go through periods of fasting (not eating food) to windows of conscious eating. It's a lifestyle diet, usually fit for busy individuals, who love eating bigger meals per day.

It can be used for both weight loss and lean muscle building, although it's generally used for weight loss.

Fasting periods can always differ, ranging between 12-18 hours usually, depending on your lifestyle and for how long you prefer to fast.

Personally I love to fast between 10pm at night (after my final meal for the day) through to about 1pm the following day, where I would have my first meal of the day, straight after an intense workout at the gym.


1. Firstly set your daily calories and macros. Eg. 1800 calories, 40% Protein, 30% Carbs, 30% Fats.

2. Pick your hours of fasting, so how long you want to fast... 14 hours? 16 hours?

3. Then pick your time that you want to fast, eg from 10pm-4pm (longer fast)

4. Decide on the time block that you want to eat, eg 4pm-10pm - Try to have your eating periods around your workout times.

5. Finalize your program, making sure that your fasting and eating periods, suit your current lifestyle.


I simply love training fasted, because:

1. My stomach feels great while training - not feeling overly bloated.

2. I feel a greater focus at the gym.

3. The fasting allows my blood glucose levels to drop and potentially burning more fat, while at the gym.

4. I always see favorable belly fat loss results, by getting hungry and fasting allows me to get to that 'intense hunger' stage.


There you have it, a straight forward approach to help you start your own fasting diet and burn your annoying belly fat today. You can always apply some form of fasting in your diet, even just as a trial and error and see the effects for yourself.

Do you want to burn your belly fat faster? I have a great free ebook for you here, which will share some of my 3 secrets in more detail (diet, cardio and training) that I use on a daily basis, to burn my belly fat faster. Check it out!

Let's start burning the belly fat today!

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