How To Drink Green Tea To Reduce Your Belly Fat Naturally

green tea belly fat

Do you enjoy drinking green tea and looking to reduce your belly fat naturally? Allow me to explain some of the amazing benefits of green tea and how it can help you burn your stubborn belly fat, without the use of any chemicals.

Now if you're like me, you want to burn your belly fat using 100% natural methods and avoiding those pesty chemicals and harmful substances found in a lot of the supplements on the shelves today...

Over the course of the last 20 or so weeks, I've really been getting into drinking green tea and in particular matcha green tea... Why matcha? Well you could say I've been slightly influenced by my Japanese girlfriend...

I've always had an infatuation for all things Japanese and after hearing and learning more about matcha and it's benefits, I was pleasantly surprised.

What is matcha green tea?

green tea belly fat

Matcha green tea is a finely processed form of green tea, where it's grown in shade for about 3 weeks, before it's harvest. This method of processing, allows matcha green tea to have a slightly higher caffeine content and about 3X more antioxidants than regular high quality green tea.

1 cup of matcha green tea = Around 3 cups of regular green tea.

Usually 2 cups of matcha green tea are recommended per day.

How can matcha green tea help you burn your belly fat?

Studies show that drinking green tea can have a beneficial impact on your belly fat loss. Now the results are not 'massive', but can burn around 30-50 calories per day extra, by increasing your metabolism through it's caffeine content.

This means that if you're already eating a great diet and training with an appropriate exercise routine, it can give you a slight edge.

In fact, most weight loss supplements contain some form of green tea in them. Alongside other unknown and over/under dosed ingredients, that you never truly know what you're getting.

Why do I love drinking matcha green tea?

Personally I feel that on the days where my stress is super high, I find that my belly starts getting bloated and my fat increases...

Studies show that high stress, increases 'cortisol' levels, which is a hormone that you don't want increased, as it can bump up your cravings for sugar, slows down your belly fat loss, raises your blood sugar levels and can even increase your belly fat...

By drinking matcha green tea, I almost immediately feel more relaxed and I can feel my stress levels waiver by the minute... By being in a calmer state, your metabolism and fat burning process will function optimally and drinking matcha green tea can definitely help.