How To Reduce Your Belly Fat By Avoiding These 5 Food Additives

belly fat food additives

Are you worried that, some of the additives in your food, might be increasing your belly fat? Do you want to learn how to stay away from them and burn your belly fat faster? Here I will try to break down for you, 5 of the major food additives, that you're most likely eating and shed some light on their negative impacts for you.

8 years ago, I had no clue on how to read nutrition labels and never truly understood what food additives were and how they could impact my belly fat results...

I had a massive sweet tooth and growing up, bread and pastas were my staple... The end result? My belly fat looked like a crispy creme doughnut minus the solid visual aesthetic...

Most Australians want to burn their belly fat, because it's a huge pain point and an area of struggle, perhaps even for you... I mean come on, who doesn't love eating crunchy white bread, delicious Italian pizza/pasta and those mouth-watering chocolates?

It seems like everything made tasty makes you fat... Annoying right?

Well these 5 food additives, can definitely increase your belly fat, especially if eaten in large portions consistently.

And my mission is to give you a little awareness, so that in your next shopping trip, you might be able to stay clear from some of them and fill up your basket with some amazing nutritious foods, to help you burn your belly fat faster.

Let's get to number 1 food additive to avoid...

1. High Corn Fructose Syrup

belly fat corn

High Corn Fructose Syrup is a sweetener made from corn starch. It's a cheap way to sweeten fizzy drinks, candy, salad dressings, breads, juices, canned fruit and other common products found in your supermarket.

The effects on your belly fat are similar to regular table sugar as they are both broken down by your body into fructose and glucose.

If you eat excess amounts of High Corn Fructose Syrup in your diet, your liver will convert the extra fructose into fat. And if you're as unlucky as me, that will probably be extra belly fat.

In simple terms, try to look at the nutritional info for each product, within the ingredients list and make sure that it doesn't have High Corn Fructose Syrup listed.

2. Emulsifiers

belly fat bread

Emulsifiers are food additives, both natural and chemical, which are added to create a solid consistency to products and to make them more presentable and to preserve better.

Think of Mayonnaise, which is made using egg yolks, which help it to stay together, creating it's consistency... Without the egg yolks being used as a 'natural emulsifier' the Mayonnaise wouldn't be able to keep it's consistency.

Emulsifiers in bread for example, help it to create more volume, look more puffy and presentable and keep for longer.

Polysorbate 80 and Carboxymethylcellulose are some potentially harmful Emulsifiers that you should look to avoid in your food..

Emulsifiers can disturb your gut health and potentially disrupt your ability to absorb nutrition properly, this in turn can cause increased hunger, overeating and eventually increase your belly fat.

There are some natural emulsifiers that are ok to eat and hard to avoid, but generally Polysorbate 80 and Carboxymethylcellulose seem to potentially have some negative effects within your stomach, by disturbing your gut health.

3. Trans Fats

belly fat donuts

Trans fats are industrially made fats, made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oils, created to give a more solid texture to products, think margarine for example.

They can make your food taste great and last longer, but it can have severe effects on your belly fat.

They are found in most processed foods in your supermarket like, sausage rolls, pizzas, biscuits, margarine, doughnuts, among many others.

Trans fats are shown to decrease your Good Cholesterol (HDL) and Increase Your bad cholesterol (lDL), leading to increased weight gain and belly fat, in most individuals. Most trans fats are found in many your local Australian supermarkets in the form of a big variety of processed foods.

I've noticed that the use of trans fats has rapidly decreased here in Australia, because we are gradually shifting into a more health conscious state, yay!

But still try to keep an eye out on your food labels, to make sure they are free of Trans Fats to keep your belly fat burning process chugging along.

4. Maltodextrin

protein bar belly fat

Maltodextrin is a food additive made from corn or rice starch.

It's found in many supplements and protein bars on your shelves, many of which you might be consuming. Check your protein bars!

It's used as a cheap filler and is basically an artificial sugar.

It has a high GI and is digested quite quickly by the body, similar to regular sugar, causing a rather big insulin spike...

It's shown to cause some stomach bloating and can disrupt your stomach health, two factors alone, which can make it a bad choice for you.

High GI foods are known to increase your belly fat, because of the increased insulin spikes, which tend to lead to fat storage.

I've found that many protein bars contain Maltodextrin, therefore try to do your best to check your food labels and avoid Maltodextrin and opt in for a more natural protein bar.

5. Refined Carbs

belly fat sugar

Refined carbs are processed carbs which have been stripped of their nutrition, such as their fiber and nutrients. Examples are White Flour and Table Sugar.

Our bodies naturally gravitate to these sources for energy and can be a little tricky to avoid initially.

Because these refined carbs have been stripped of their nutrition, they are very easily digested by your body (High GI), they taste great and we can't stop eating them!

This leads to overeating and can eventually get your belly fat bulging again (ouch)

Try to minimize your processed foods in your weekly shopping and opt in for more wholesome and nutritious foods, to help make your belly fat burning process a healthy and smooth process.


belly fat ebook

Do you think you might've come across or heard of some of the above 5 food additives? You've probably seen them in your food labels, but have never thought much about them.

If you're looking to burn your belly fat, avoiding these 5 food additives will help to kick start your belly fat burning results again and best of all you will feel super healthy and fit again.

If you're looking to burn your belly fat, I have a great free belly fat burning ebook for you here, where I share my top 3 secrets (my diet, cardio and training) to help you burn your belly fat faster.

Let's avoid these 5 food additives and burn your belly fat today!

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