How To Lose Your Belly Fat Even By Eating Pizza (Cheat Meal)

Are you wondering if it's possible to still have pizza and lose your belly fat? Could you really allow yourself some room for cheat meals and still reach your belly fat burning goals? Well I'm here to inform you that it is possible and I will share with you exactly how I did it.

After seeing the heading to this blog post, you're probably thinking, Tez, you're crazy and this sounds way too good to be true, in fact I don't believe it's possible...

Look I love pizzas... My favorite pizza is Peri Peri Crust Pizza... it just literally blows my mind every time I eat it.

In fact, 3 days ago, I had 2 pieces of peri peri and 2 pieces of wagyu shoga for around 1000 calories worth of pizza and finishing this off with 10 massive chocolate dipped strawberries from Myer... That was my ultimate Valentine's day indulgence... And boy was it good! The Result?

I woke up the next day having lost about 0.8kg of weight and lost 0.5 inches (1.25cm) off my belly fat...

How is that possible?

Allow me to break things down for you, into how my week went down, to allow me to have this cheat meal, to lose my belly fat even faster...


I started my clean eating days on thursday - monday, giving me a good 5 days of eating at my usual 1700 calories per day, low carb, reaching between 85-100g total carbs per day (Mostly trace carbs from various vegetables and dairy).

Usually by my 4th and 5th days of eating within my Calories and Macros, I find that my weight loss and belly fat loss slows down, which is the reason why I throw in my cheat meal around that time - to kick start my metabolism again and to begin losing the belly fat faster.


I performed 4 workouts within those 5 days, having a day off on my usual day off - Sunday.

Those were 4 weight training + HIIT Sprints sessions, taking around 1 hour to complete and making sure my intensity was as high as possible.

HIIT Sprints sessions were usually 12-15 Sprints at 17.5km per hour for 20 seconds on, 20 seconds rest.


Because I've really been getting into fasting as of recently to help lose my belly fat...

I decided to try a semi fasted approach, before my cheat meal...

I woke up at around 6.30am and had 14 almonds and a cup of hazelnut Moccona coffee (80% water, 20% skim milk)

I fasted until around 2pm and had another 14 almonds and a cup of coffee.

Then I performed my workout for the day at around 4pm, giving me about 9 and 1/2 hours of only eating 28 almonds and 2 coffees = around 200 calories.


Usually on Tuesdays, I perform either shoulders or my back day, so I decided because back is a big muscle group, I would do it instead, to make sure I'm burning more calories through my workout, to accommodate for the cheat meal ahead.

I performed my workout at around 4pm, which was a shoulder workout of around 50 mins, I performed my usual 10 mins of HIIT treadmill sprints, 14 sprints at 18km per hour (pushed the speed higher on that day) 20 seconds on, 20 off.

I was quite exhausted by the end of the workout, breathing like a maniac, I believe my body was quite depleted at that stage - my blood glucose levels dropped, because of the fasting + the intense workout which depleted me even further.


Because it was Valentine's day, me and my partner we decided to order my favorite Crust Pizza - Peri Peri and Wagyu Shoga, half - half... totalling around $25 plus delivery... quite reasonable if you ask me.

My partner's mission was to order 20 massive chocolate dipped strawberries from Myer, because I've never really had them before, neither has she and we thought, heck why not indulge with a little dessert...

After digging into the pizza, which tasted like heaven at this point, because I felt starving after all the fasting and training on an empty stomach...

My appetite just shot through the roof, I finished off my share of the 20 strawberries, so had 10 of them...

2 slices of Peri Peri

2 slices of Wagyu Shoga

10 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (Massive)

1 glass of Plum Wine

1 greek salad (I love salad with pizza)

=2000 calories roughly.


After tracking my calories and macros into MyfitnessPal and realized my protein on the day was only a measly 60g, I had to eat another 70g of protein before bed, because my usual goal for protein is 130g for my body weight of 65kg... I try to aim for 2X my body weight in kg.

I had 1 high protein salad with chicken lunch meat.

1 bowl of yogurt + 2 scoops of Gold Standard Whey Protein (banana)

This salad and dessert bowl got me the extra 70g of protein, which I needed in my diet.


Surprisingly the morning after, I weighed myself at only 64.6kg - down 0.8kg from the day before, which I weighed, 65.4kg.

Measured my waist around the belly button - 27.8 inches (tighter measure) down 0.5 inches from the day before, 28.3 inches. Losing 1.25cm off your belly fat isn't too shabby, after a pizza cheat meal, that's for sure!

I was quite happy to see those stats progress further, even though I had such a whopping cheat meal and even though I went over my daily calories of 1700, by at least another 1000 calories, the day finishing at around 2700 calories (estimate).

As you can see it's definitely possible to burn your belly fat even when eating pizza, BUT like anything control has to be placed in place first.

Although eating pizza and still losing your belly fat, might sound like a dream...

You still have to put in the hard yard's work for a solid 5 days of super intense gym sessions and eating amazingly clean within your diet, making sure to meet your macros and calories daily... only then can a cheat meal have some satisfactory value...

If you've done the above hard work, then rewarding yourself with some pizza, to boost your metabolism and help you lose your belly fat as a little bonus can definitely work, when applied correctly and in moderation.


As you can see from the breakdown of my week and the actual cheat meal day, things were structured quite well and really allowed me to get depleted by the 5th day of workouts, which made my cheat meal day, a great way to boost my metabolism and helped me to lose my belly fat even more.

A slowed metabolism tends to happen, by the 5th of my diet, I believe my body goes into a form of starvation, where my belly fat loss really slows down, which is the reason why I like to 'shock' my body with the cheat meal, to speed things up along... and also because I love cheat meals and pizza in particular, I mean who doesn't?

If you want to learn more about how to burn your belly fat, click here to grab your free ebook on how to lose your belly fat faster. I try to break down my usual daily diet, cardio and training in a simple format, to give you some extra tips, which you can use as well to lose your stubborn belly fat.

Let's start losing your belly fat today!

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