Tex Mex Beef Strips Stir Fry - Belly Fat Loss Recipe (400 Calories)

belly fat loss recipe

If you're looking to lose your stubborn belly fat and love eating Mexican inspired, healthy beef stir fries, then this easy to prepare, low carb and high protein recipe, would be great for you.

Only just yesterday I indulged in this easy to prepare stir fry, which tasted amazing...

The beef itself has a Mexican inspired flavor and goes rather well with the stir fry veg and the Chobani Greek yogurt.

What a great way to lose belly fat and still enjoy your diet! I truly believe in simple, quick to prepare and nutritious meals that can work wonders to help you get in shape fast.

You're probably a busy individual, who just came back home from work and want something quick and delicious to cook, to help you lose your belly fat... It's a stubborn area for most Australians, myself included... But once you learn how to enjoy your diet, it can be much smoother process.

This recipe is based on a higher protein, high fat and low carb method. Works great to help burn your belly fat, because of the higher protein and lower carbs. It can be an amazing meal to eat straight after your intense gym workout, to help repair and rebuild your muscle.

All ingredients can be purchased at your local Australian Coles supermarket.


belly fat diet

Calories - 404


Protein: 34g

Carbs: 21g

Fats: 17g


belly fat shopping

-125g Grill Beef Strips Tex - Mex Fajita

-60g Chobani Yogurt (less than 0.5% fat)

-75g Peas & Corn - Snap Frozen

-125g Thai Style Stir Fry Veggies (Birds Eye)

-50g White Button Mushroom