1 Day Paleo Diet Meal Plan For Beginners - Natural Weight Loss

paleo diet plan for beginners

Are you considering starting a Paleo diet to help you lose weight naturally, but not sure how to start it? If you're a beginner at Paleo, this simple 1 day paleo diet meal plan can help you kick start your natural weight loss journey.

With Paleo gaining some fast traction here in Australia and even some of my clients adopting this form of 'natural' diet, I decided to do a quick post for you to give you some diet ideas on how you can either start this form of diet or even include some parts of it into your current diet routine...

Now before we head into the meal plan, I want to answer some basic questions for you, that you might have at this moment...

What is Paleo?

It's a form of dieting, where we go back to our ancestral ways of eating only what we can hunt or gather and avoiding all processed foods.

This form of natural dieting, can reduce your body's inflammation and help you lose weight in a more natural way, while avoiding all or at least most processed foods, depending on how strict you want to go with it.

The Paleo method is evolving here in Australia and there are various forms of dieting, where you can be as strict as you like or even adopt some parts of it.

I have a post for you where I compare Paleo with other popular diets, to see if it can suit your lifestyle and preferences. You can read it by clicking here.

What are the Paleo Diet foods allowed?

It's avoiding processed foods such as: grains, breads pastas, low fat dairy products, sugar, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, legumes such as beans, lentils and more.

And allowing foods such as: meats (chicken, beef), fish, free range eggs, nuts, fruit and vegetables, healthy oils like avocado and olive oil etc.

The Paleo approach can often be adopted into your lifestyle and is not strictly limited to the above foods. The Paleo community is always shifting into new ways and adding new foods to the menu.

You can always adopt some form of Paleo into your diet, like I am and eat 70% Paleo and maybe 30% Flexible Dieting or whatever you prefer.

Because the best diet is a one that you can stick to!

How much weight can you lose with Paleo?

Like any diet, the Paleo diet can help you lose weight, providing that you can actually stick to it. Ranging from 0.5kg per week - 2kg per week.

Your weight loss will drastically improve if you combine it with a consistent workout regime of 4-5 days per week and including things like HIIT workouts. You can find my preferred HIIT cardio here.


paleo diet for beginners