How To Develop A Healthy Relationship With Your Food: 3 Easy Tips

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Do you find that your diet is too restrictive and you spend a lot of time stressing over your next meal? Learn these 3 easy tips to help you learn how to develop a healthy relationship with your food so that you can adhere to your diet and enjoy your fitness journey.

Have you been offered that healthy curry, but being your 'strict' self, you've politely refused?

First of all, great job, your will power is undeniable and it's a sign of a high level of commitment!

But like anything good, there is always those small implications, when your commitment to your diet, almost becomes an obsession and an unhealthy one at that...

And let me tell you... once you start seeing those amazing changes in your physique, some of us who already have that 'obsessive' side... forces us to spend hours on fitting the perfect calories and macros into your food diary and a lot of the time, it becomes too much of a hassle...

Another reason for this obsession could be that you've had weight issues in the past, which are subconsciously nagging at you without you even realizing!

I truly believe, that your fitness journey should have the right balance of adherence to your diet and training, but yet allowing you to enjoy yourself in the process.

Because what good is it, if you get in your best shape, but your relationships suffer, you feel miserable and you're not truly feeling fulfilled?

Here are these 3 easy tips that you can use, to really develop a better relationship with your food, to make your life a lot easier and your fitness journey a more enjoyable experience...

1. Have a weekly cheat day where you don't track anything

burger cheat meal

Once a week I like to forget that I'm on a diet and go out, enjoy a nice curry/burger/pizza and some nice dessert... I don't track my diet, but I still make sure to have my cheat meal around my workout time and finish off my day with a super healthy, high protein salad...

If you've had a solid week of training and dieting... and for example you've lost 2kg in one week. It's time to reward yourself!

Having a weekly cheat meal, to help you relax and enjoy the foods that you've been craving all week.. can really make you forget that you're on a diet. Not only that, but it can also boost your metabolism for further fat loss for the following week.

This means that you can go out and enjoy that curry you've been craving! But be sure to control your cheat meal/day and make sure that it doesn't turn into a cheat week!

2. Stop trying to be perfect with your diet

tracking diet myfitnesspal

I know I have to tell myself that every time... When I track my diet into MyfitnessPal, sometimes I obsess way too much, to make sure that my macros are the right percentages... but in the end of the day, close enough is good enough!

As long as your Protein, Carbs, Fats and Calories are close to the required numbers... being 50 calories off, or 1-3% off your macros, will not make a dramatic difference in your results...