5 Ways To Lose Weight Naturally And Keep It Off For Good

Do you want to start losing weight naturally, but you really want to do it in a healthy and fun way? Are you tired of the boring exercise programs and overly restrictive diets that you've had in the past, which were so hard to stick to in the long term? Allow me to share 5 ways that you can use, to make your natural weight loss journey a more enjoyable experience for you.

I believe that your natural weight loss journey, should be a fun and somewhat enjoyable experience... one that has you challenged, learning but still being flexible enough so that you feel amazing every day... and not feel like... 'I can't wait for this diet and training thing to be over'...

Chances are that you've probably tried some diets and exercise regimes before, that were way too restrictive and just not flexible enough to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Perhaps you enjoy 15-30min quick and intense HIIT workouts rather than 1 hour regular bodybuilding workouts...

Perhaps you enjoy running and exercising in the outdoors (park, running on the beach, etc) rather than being stuck in a small, cramped gym, resembling a prison...

Maybe you want your diet to have room for occasional cheat meals and daily healthy snacks, which actually taste good and make you feel satisfied (who doesn't)

We are all completely different and while some of us enjoy the hardcore bodybuilding diet of chicken, broccoli, sweet potato and brown rice... and training at cramped gyms, flexing for half your workout (ok you caught me, that's me)

Others like to have a more flexible approach and train with at least some of their workouts in the outdoors, in a more fun environment. They might have families, that only allow them quick 15-30min HIIT workouts and their diet to be a more flexible diet, where it's still under control and portioned well, but also flexible enough to allow that healthy curry, or even a weekly Grilld Burger cheat meal.

Here are 5 ways that can help you lose weight naturally and keep it off for good:

1. Start an exercise routine, but ease into it

Most people think that in order to lose weight, you need to be going to gym at least 5 days per week, of 2 hour+ weights and cardio sessions...

Quite the contrary.. you can start off slow with only 3 days per week, only 15-30min sessions, whatever you believe is ACHIEVABLE and realistic for your lifestyle... You will still lose weight naturally, but by easing into it, you will avoid burnout, you will get in all your workouts and you will feel proud of yourself.

2. Make exercising fun

By making even just 1 of your sessions an outdoor park session, where you just perform some floor work, like push ups and sit ups and perhaps doing some sprints outside in the park, or next to the beach... This can really help, especially if you're an outdoor person.

You can also have some of your sessions at the gym, which I feel is more motivational, because you can see others' working out, so you feel more amped to give it your best as well.

You can make your workouts only 30 min HIIT workouts, where you go from one exercise to the next, to the next... without resting. 4-5 exercises combined, which can really make things fun, get your heart rate up, sweating and burning more calories.

3. Adopt a flexible diet

There are many flexible diets, which allow room for healthy curries, stir fries, high protein chocolate desserts... all your favorite dishes, but just cooked in a healthy manner... This can definitely suit those who love cooking up a storm and who have a knack for healthy dishes...

Chances are that if you start enjoying your diet and develop a great menu of amazingly tasty yet nutritious dishes... Keeping off the weight will become a piece of cake.

4. Stock up your fridge with healthy foods

This is crucial! If my fridge and cupboards are filled with chocolates and treats, then chances are the daily temptations of me seeing them, become too irresistible...

Imagine coming back home exhausted from work, having had a fight with a colleague or your boss... Stress is at your highest, you open your fridge and you come across a pack of half eaten mango Tim Tams... What are the chances that you will finish them within the next 1 minute? Quite high, if you ask me...

By keeping only clean and nutritious foods in your fridge and cupboards... I mean like literally fill up your fridge with things like...

1. Smoked salmon

2. Healthy lunch meat (turkey breast, roast chicken etc)

3. Healthy veg - mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, red capsicums.

4. Spinach.

5. Eggs.

6. Greek yogurt

7. Cottage cheese

8. Blueberries & Strawberries

9. Wholegrain bread/tortilla wraps.

This is exactly what my fridge looks like at the moment... There is literally no space for any junk food. By keeping my weekly cheat days separate and eating all my reward foods outside and rarely bringing back home and sweets... I only have access to only healthy and nutritious foods for my weekdays...

This means that by only having access to clean and nutritious foods, you are more likely to stay on your diet.

5. Have a weekly cheat day

I'm a big proponent of having a weekly cheat day, because it makes you truly forget that you're on a diet. You completely satisfy all your cravings for food in that one day and then the next day... You're feeling slightly guilty but back on track with your diet, to see further gains.

Slight guilt is only normal for most of us, because we feel that we've cheated. We have, but the purpose of this day is to help you regain your relationship with food, really enjoy yourself and even boosting your metabolism for further fat loss.

And guess what? If you love your diet and training during the week, you feel they are flexible and achievable enough for you and you reward yourself weekly with a delicious cheat day... The chances are that you will lose the weight naturally and keep it off for good!


By using these 5 ways, you can really develop some flexibility within your diet and training. By making things simple, easy and flexible enough to suit your lifestyle and preferences... You can really start to enjoy your natural weight loss journey and finally keep the weight off for good.

If you need more of my personal help, feel free to apply for a free 30 min fitness consultation with me here.

Once you start enjoying and embracing the process, you can adopt this healthy lifestyle and achieve your weight loss goals faster, without putting the weight back on!

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