How To Eat Spinach And Lose Weight Faster - 3 Curious Benefits

Are you wondering if eating spinach can help you lose weight faster? Let me explain these 3 curious weight loss benefits of spinach and how you can eat it to speed up your results.

It's no wonder that spinach has had such a wonderful reputation here in Australia for being a super food. Popeye was eating it all the time... And have you seen his forearms?

I've always been curious to see if eating more spinach could potentially have some positive effects on my natural weight loss, so I started including it into my daily diet.

I found that by including spinach into my diet, about 30-50g of raw or sauteed spinach... my food cravings actually reduced, I felt more satisfied in my meals and felt a lot healthier and energized.

But what really makes spinach such a super food?

It's loaded with vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K and a huge amount of Calcium and Iron per serving... Among many others.

Per calorie, spinach is among some of the most nutrient packed foods...

Spinach has been touted as having more calcium than milk and more iron than beef... But there is some dispute to it's bio availability being not as good... In simple terms, it's not absorbed as well as it's animal counter parts...

Ok, ok, but how can eating spinach help you lose weight faster?

Let's get into it...

1. Spinach can reduce your food cravings

Because spinach has a naturally occurring compound in it called thylakoids - it increases your satiety hormones, makes you feel fuller, reduces your hunger and curbs your food cravings.

This means that you're less likely to consume more calories through your day, leading to faster weight loss.

2. Spinach (1 Cup) Has Only 7 Calories

If you're focusing on counting calories, which I hope you are... 1 cup of spinach, which is about 30g, has only 7 calories... This means that you can get fuller, pack a bunch of extra vitamins and minerals into your body, while eating significantly less calories...

Eating less calories than your body requires per day, means that you can lose weight faster.

3. Spinach is easy to add to your diet

I personally love the taste of spinach and I find that it can go nicely into pretty much any meal. Fresh with your salad, sauteed for 1 minute with your eggs for breakfast, made as a healthy smoothie... etc.

Ease always reduces friction in your natural weight loss journey and can help you get into your diet a lot faster and start dropping the weight.

Who can eat spinach?

Like most foods, spinach is not for everyone, especially in large amounts.

Because spinach has oxalic acid , if eaten in large amounts it may cause kidney stones for sensitive individuals. People with kidney problems are more predisposed.

You may want to consult with your doctor, before including spinach in your diet, especially if you're quite sensitive or have had kidney issues in the past.

Which spinach to choose?

Here in Australia, most of our spinach on the shelf is most likely sprayed with pesticides, which can't be washed off... Spinach is among the highest pesticide contaminated foods with as much as 48 pesticides in them...

Wow that's a lot... Farmers need to keep the insects away to save their produce... And we love NOT eating chemicals in our diet...

You can quickly saute spinach for about 1-2 minutes to kill most of the germs but yet retain most of it's nutrition.

You can opt in for organic spinach if it's available in your local super market, just to ensure that your spinach is free of any chemicals, pesticides etc.

You can eat spinach in some of the following ways:

1. Saute spinach (eg spinach, eggs and bacon)

2. Slightly boiled (eg spinach, thigh fillet and mixed veg)

3. Have it fresh with a salad (eg smoked salmon and spinach)

4. Make a healthy smoothie ( eg spinach, almond milk, blueberries and a banana)


As you can see, eating spinach can have some great benefits towards your weight loss. I'm personally eating spinach daily and loving it.

I believe that eating a great balanced diet, is the key to faster weight loss and eating too much of anything can have certain harmful effects...

If you need more more of my personal help, to give you a kick start in your natural weight loss journey... feel free to apply for a free 30 min fitness consult with me here.

Let's start losing weight in a healthy way today!

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