3 Powerful Weight Loss Mind Tricks To Get You Laser Focused

weight loss mindset

Are you trying to lose weight, but finding it hard to stay focused? Do you find that you lose a little weight, only to gain it back again the following week? The battle always starts inside your mind and focus can be a big area of struggle for most. Find out these 3 powerful weight loss mind tricks to get you laser focused on your goals.

Losing weight can be a tricky and frustrating process, especially when our minds always try to hold us back...

Your mind will tell you to give up when your weight loss gets too hard... To eat, even when not you're not hungry (just bored) To keep your intensity low at the gym, even when you know you should be going harder to sweat more... among many other things.

Being able to control your mindset, in order to become more disciplined and focused, is absolutely crucial if you truly want to lose the weight and keep it off for good.

And like anything it can take some time and practice, to drill down certain habits and beliefs to trigger you to stay focused in difficult situations.

Some studies show that to build a great habit, it can take 66 days on average. Slightly more or less depending on the individual. But personally I feel that number seems about right...

If you spend around 2 months, of consistent adherence to your diet and training, chances are you will develop some great habits.

Here are these 3 powerful mind tricks to get you laser focused on your weight loss goals:

1. Set yourself a weight loss deadline

This is super crucial! We naturally love to procrastinate with our weight loss goals and without a set deadline to hold us accountable, we simply lose focus by the day...

Set yourself a realistic deadline for your weight loss goals, it could be something such as "I want to lose 6kg in the next 12 weeks"

Ask yourself, is that realistic for you?

Losing 0.5kg per week is generally quite realistic for the average person and is quite a healthy weight loss goal to aim for.

2. Set yourself small weekly weight loss goals

I find that in order to keep yourself focused, what works best is to set yourself short term weekly goals.

They could be as small as "I want to lose 0.5kg and drop 1.5cm off my waist, by the end of this week"

This will keep your mind on something quick that you can achieve in the short term, in this case by the end of the week....

We love seeing quick and measurable results and the chances are if you achieve this small goal of yours by the end of the week. And repeat that every we