5 Must Have Tools To Lose Your Belly Fat Naturally

If you're looking to burn your belly fat naturally and want to know these 5 must have tools to help you get there. Find out what they are and why they're so important to have in your fitness journey.

Whenever you embark on any journey, it's crucial to have the right tools...

Most people fail to prepare the things they need most and side track way too often... Left wondering "I've tried everything and I still can't burn my belly fat..."

Well the job of your belly fat is to stay there to protect you! It's physiologically adapted to keep your internal organs happy and to keep you alive...

Are you really giving it enough of a reason to burn it?

If you're failing to burn your belly fat naturally, chances are that 80% of the time your diet is not adequate - eating too many calories and eating the wrong macros (protein, carbs and fats)...

20% of the time you're failing with your training habits - not enough intensity at the gym, resting too long between sets, your cardio sessions are too long causing you to burn muscle mass and slow down your metabolism etc...

And a massive 100% lies within your overall mindset - you're not disciplined enough, your daily habits are not up to par etc.

Are you really putting in the massive amount of daily action needed to burn your belly fat? Do you have the right tools in place to ensure your success?

Allow me to share these 5 crucial tools that you need in order to burn your belly fat naturally...

1. Eat Quality Nutrition Daily

All belly fat loss starts with an amazing array of quality nutrition to fuel your body, keeping you full and satisfied at a reduced calorie intake. We know that to lose your belly fat naturally it's 80% diet and 20% training. And there is a huge amount of trainers and coaches who preach those numbers...

Most people preach the importance of nutrition, but rarely ever apply it themselves. There is no point of knowing something if you NEVER apply it...

Here in Australia, quality nutrition - lean meats, lots of colorful veggies, healthy nuts and oils... They are definitely not cheap...

But if you're a smart shopper and only buy the basics, you can definitely fit in a great weekly shopping, full of quality nutrition at around the $100-150 mark per week.

2. Download MyFitnessPal And Use It Regularly

MyFitnessPal is a free diet app, which you can download at your phone's appstore, which allows you to check the nutrition in your food and to make sure you're meeting your important daily calories and macros.

I've been logging in and tracking my diet for the last 183 days in a row, a number I'm quite proud of. Out the 183, around 160 days I've actually tracked my full day's diet and made sure to stick to my required daily calories and macros - this has helped me tremendously to burn my belly fat!

By logging all my daily meals into MyfitnessPal, I've gained lots of focus, self accountability and knowledge to keep my belly fat burning naturally... And I simply can't live without it.

Although learning and actually using MyfitnessPal on a daily basis to track ALL your meals can be a slightly difficult and annoying process at first... It gets much easier, the more you get used to it.

I'm personally using MyfitnessPal with myself and all my clients daily, to see some pretty amazing belly fat loss results so far!

3. Grab A Gym Membership

Investing in a gym membership is a must for me. If you have an apartment gym, which I do, that's also great as well.

I find that once you get out of your house and have access to as much equipment as possible and being in the 'gym environment' can really change your mood and get you motivated for some nice belly fat loss ahead.

If you're intimidated by the gym environment... find a quieter gym that's less intimidating, which can generally suit most people, plus you can always access the pieces of equipment in your program, without waiting on people to get off.

4. Invest In A Diet & Training Program

As an online fitness coach, I can't stress enough the importance of having a diet and training routine in place...

In fact around 1 year ago, I failed to write a specific diet for myself with the right calories and macros and wasn't bothered to even set a training schedule for myself... The end result was that I wasted 6 months getting VERY LITTLE Results...

If you're finding that you go to the gym, not having an idea of what exercises you're going to do, how long you should rest and how your overall intensity has to be...

And if you're finding that you're eating random amounts of food at different times and you're not tracking your calories and macros...

And you're having problems burning your belly fat...

Chances are that you can benefit greatly from investing in a specific diet and training program built to your busy lifestyle, to help you focus more and to finally burn your belly fat faster.

5. Find The Right Accountability

Having the right accountability can be a super powerful tool at your fingertips! Especially from a coach or a mentor who has been through the same journey as you.

This can shorten your learning process and give you specific tips and advice in those difficult times, to keep your transformation going!

Find a coach or a mentor who fits your beliefs - eg my beliefs are natural bodybuilding and staying healthy and fit... Those are my core values and I will never stray from them. Your values might be a little different, so it's important to align yourself with someone who fits you!

By staying accountable to someone else, you will gain that laser focus and you're more likely to stay on track to your goals, because there is someone there to check in on you... someone who depends on you to make progress. And the chances of you burning your belly fat faster will increase rapidly.


There you have it, 5 must have tools that you need to burn your belly fat naturally! By using these important tools on a daily basis, you can really increase your focus, gain accountability and stay on track to burning your belly fat naturally.

Belly fat is stubborn and annoying! Especially your lower belly fat, but by actually applying the above 5 tools, you can finally start to say goodbye to it and it feels amazing to wake up every morning to see your stomach getting flatter and more defined...

If you need more of my personal coaching to help you burn your belly fat naturally, feel free to apply to become a client by clicking here.

Let's apply some of these 5 tools and burn your belly fat naturally today!

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