4 Secret Diet Tips To Supercharge Your Weight Loss In 2017

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If you're pumped to start losing weight and reaching your goals in 2017, here are these 4 secret diet tips to help you supercharge your results.

We all love new secret tips to help us achieve our goals! Is there something new I can learn that can perhaps trigger some new results?

You will find that during your weight loss journey, which I've embarked on over the last 8 months or so... You will learn a bunch of new things, especially about your own body and what foods you respond well to and what foods your body really takes a dislike to.

Most people love learning new information, but the huge problem lies in the fact that...

#1. They constantly procrastinate with their goals... I will start a diet next week, next month... Never making a decision to start and fail to ever commit.

#2. They start a diet and give up within the first 4 weeks, because they didn't apply the diet or made the million excuses that 99% of people make - I'm too busy, I'm too tired, It's too much work...

The only thing that will guarantee your weight loss success is your willingness to APPLY yourself every day and actually FOLLOW THROUGH in spite of your busy lifestyle and millions of excuses.

That is the harsh truth, because no matter how many tips you read, nothing will work for you, unless you do.

Now that we've got the harsh and blunt truth out of the way, we can get into the 4 diet tips, which if you apply daily, you can actually see some favorable weight loss results and make 2017 your best year...

1. Make a decision to start your diet today!

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The only way you can actually start losing weight is if you Start! Chances are that you've procrastinated with your weight loss way too often, right?

The ones who truly commit and say, I've got to start my weight loss diet today and I will achieve my goals, are the ones who actually get results. The procrastinators will still look the same next year after year and will keep wishing they started earlier.

Secret diet tip #1 - Decide to start today, meaning start doing research on a great diet that can fit your busy lifestyle, that you can actually enjoy and stick to and fully invest in it. Intermittent fasting works great for busy individuals and generally high fat, medium protein, low carb diets work quite well for weight loss. I have a blog post on 3 of the most popular diets comparing them, check it out here.

2. Eat the right calories on a daily basis

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Finding out the right calories for your weight loss, can take a little time and experimenting. But making sure to eat at your required calories will make the world of difference in supercharging your weight loss.

You can find my detailed blog on how to track your diet using MyFitnessPal (free app) by clicking here.

Secret diet tip #2 - You can experiment and start off at 1900 calories for example if you're a male over the 90kg mark or if you're below starting off at 1800 calories and weighing yourself 2 times per week to see how your weight loss is happening, can give you an idea on how t