5 Easy Weight Loss Macro Tips To Boost Your Results

weight loss macros

Are you wondering how to set your weight loss macros right, so that you can boost your results? Do you want to learn some tips to help you figure out, where to start? Find out these 5 easy weight loss macro tips to boost your results today!

Most people will hear the word macros and think it's a foreign language... what on earth is macros??

In fact 99% of my prospects that I speak to on a daily basis, have never heard of macros.

So what are macros and how can they really help you lose weight?

Basically macros are your protein, carb and fat % that you eat every day and they are all found at the back of your food labels, alongside your calories/kilo-joule contents.

As a busy individual, you've probably never paid attention to them and base your opinion about how healthy a certain product is, just by looking at the front of the product as well as the marketing and how healthy it looks to you...

The biggest problem lies in the fact that here in Australia, a lot of the marketing of 'healthy' food products is utter rubbish and can really deceive people about how healthy certain products are...

Foods packed with sugar, fillers and chemicals, sneakily disguised as 'nutritious' and 'weight loss friendly'... leaving people frustrated as to "How on earth am I unable to lose weight, even though I'm eating clean!!?"...

weight loss macros

I will give you an example. I had a friends catch up 2 weeks ago, so I decided that I should go to a supplement shop to grab a healthy snack to keep me full, while at my friends house.

So I grabbed this protein balls snack, bright purple packaging, blueberry and banana flavor... sounded and looked really good and healthy at a first impression. I was in a bit of a rush, so I failed to properly check the nutrition and didn't carefully check the macros of this said healthy snack...

Turns out that the small bag of 'healthy' protein balls, blueberry and banana flavor, a small bag weighing only 90g, had a whopping 70g of carbs, all coming from dates and banana, with the blueberry flavor coming just from a powder ingredient...

Wow.... And that is the reason why you should ALWAYS spend those extra few seconds just to double check your Macros and Ingredients in the back of ALL your products, no matter how healthy they might look to you or where you're buying the product from.

Looking at your macros and making sure that your products are high in quality protein, have a good amount of healthy fats and a reasonably lower amount of complex carbs... can really speed up your weight loss results.

Here are these 5 easy weight loss macro tips to get you started...

weight loss macros foods

Weight Loss Macro Tip #1: Start tracking your Macros using a free diet app such as MyFitnessPal, if you haven't downloaded it yet, it's a free app that you can download from your appstore.

Weight Loss Macro Tip #2: Aim to get around 3