How To Explode Your Fitness Motivation By Finding Your Why

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Are you struggling with your fitness motivation, especially because of your busy lifestyle getting in the way? Do you find that you've been skipping gym sessions recently and really lacking that drive you once had? Here is the most important thing you need before even starting a program, to get your motivation through the roof, even on your toughest days.

The reason why so many people fail with their fitness goals is because they simply lack the motivation and a deep enough reason for actually wanting to get in shape in the first place...

Simply put, if your reason for wanting to achieve your fitness goals is not deep and emotional enough, you will simply run out of fuel quickly during your fitness journey.... That's why it's so important to understand your deep, emotional reasons and your own psychology and driving factors before even starting your fitness journey.

So what really drives you to go to the gym and workout? What is your deepest personal reason for wanting to lose those kg of weight dragging you down, the inches of stubborn belly fat and to sculpt your physique with some nice lean muscle?

For me personally my deepest reasons for wanting to get in shape are because:

1. I feel more confident about myself and how I hold myself socially.

2. My business performs better when I'm in my best shape, because of my extra motivation and productivity.

3. I make more money when I feel in a great positive mindset and in my best physique.

4. I am super happy the whole day and I feel amazing, leading to better relationships and personal feeling of fulfillment.

5. I understand that if I don't go to the gym and retain a great physique, I will lose all the above and my lifestyle will suffer, my motivation will suffer, I will lose business and money, I will feel terrible about myself etc.

What are your deepest driving factors for wanting to reach your fitness goals?

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They could things such as:

1. Having more confidence in social situations.

2. Being happy with yourself when you look in the mirror and take off your shirt.

3. Wanting to grow older with great health and fitness.

4. Gaining the respect of your peers.

5. Your family seeing you as a great role model.

6. Wanting to find a partner.

7. Being more attractive to the opposite sex.

8. Earning more money and achieving a better lifestyle.

You could have a combination of the above reasons, or even an extra reason or two... But the deeper your reasons are, the more likely you are to achieve your goals and hold yourself accountable.

But why do you really need to understand your deep emotional reasons for getting in shape?

Well if you don't and when your busy lifestyle gets in the way, you will lose motivation very quickly and you will begin procrastinating and skipping your gym sessions... Because let's be honest, that's exactly what happens!