Top 4 Sugar Replacement Foods To Curb Your Sweet Tooth

sugar replacement foods

Are you struggling to lose weight because of your sweet tooth? Do you find that your current diet has you feeling too restricted and doesn't have enough sweet foods to keep you happy? Allow me to share these 4 great sugar replacement foods to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you reaching your weight loss goals.

Let me start off by saying, I've got a massive sweet tooth... Enormous actually... And when I start eating sweet foods and I'm not actually dieting down... I can go through bags and packets of chocolates, tim tams, pods, chocolate wafer sticks... whatever you have I will find a way to eat it. You will never know this by looking at my physique, but it's true.

So I can completely relate to your sugar cravings and those constant mental nags, that beg you to start munching on some sweets or guzzling down some ice cream...

Developing a nice arsenal of sugar replacement foods can really work wonders, because it can curb your sweet tooth cravings at a hugely discounted calories, carbs and sugars and help you tremendously to lose the weight...

It can also help you maintain your perfect weight when you reach it, because you will really learn to enjoy your diet and not have to count down the days until your diet is over.

Here are my 4 top sugar replacement foods, that I find have helped me a huge deal during my weight loss journey:

1. Organic Stevia Sweetener

I love Stevia and I've been using it for years as a sugar replacement. I use it in my coffees, healthy desserts, for cooking that requires a sweet flavor etc.. You can make everything taste that little bit sweeter and still get away with lots of the calories, carbs and sugars, yet still get your sugar like hit.

2. Cocoa Powder

If you're a chocolate addict like I am, you will love cocoa powder, especially when combined with stevia for that extra sweetness and chocolatey flavor. I always use cocoa powder in my healthy desserts with some organic Stevia to get my chocolate hit for the day, which I find keeps my sweet tooth at bay and has me happy through my weight loss journey.

3. Quest Bars

Quest bars have been a big staple of my diet and can work great for anyone looking to curb their sweet tooth. I love their cookies and cream flavor and have been eating them religiously, usually after my workouts for the extra protein, to help with recovery and because hey... I love cookies and cream.

4. Gold Standard ON Whey Protein

I've personally been using Gold Standard ON protein for around 8 years now. When I started working out I hated supplements and protein powders, because I had a bad experience with some and I assumed they all tasted like garbage. After a friend recommended ON to me and I decided to give it a go, I really started digging their flavours. The standout flavours have been Banana, Strawberry and Extreme Milk Chocolate flavours. They taste almost like a milk shake, when combined with some lite, 98% fat free milk and a banana, blended. A definite must to curb that sweet tooth.


Adopting some great sugar replacement foods to keep you happy with your diet, can be the most important thing you can do. Because a diet that you can enjoy, is a diet that you can stick to... eventually helping you to lose the weight and keep it off for good.

If you need more of my personal help to kick-start your fitness journey, feel free to apply to become a client here.

Let's adopt some great sugar replacement foods and start losing the kg of fat today!

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