5 Beginner Ketogenic Diet Tips For Natural Belly Fat Loss

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Are you a beginner at the ketogenic diet and looking to burn your belly fat naturally? Do you need some easy tips to get you started with this new diet? Allow me to share these 5 beginner ketogenic diet tips to help you burn the inches of stubborn belly fat naturally.

During my last cut where I dropped from around 73kg and around 14% body fat, down to 65kg and around 9-10% body fat, I slowly transitioned into a form of ketogenic dieting, where for around 70% of my week, I was eating in the range of 40-60g of net carbs.

The reason why I started going super low carb with keto, is because I've noticed my body responds the best in terms of fat loss, on low carb diets.

The biggest mistake that I've made in the past is that, when I've gone super low carb, I failed to increase my fats dramatically and was eating, low carb, low fats and super high protein. Which worked okay, but I ended up having a lot of stomach issues, which was definitely not optimal in the long run.

The main point of keto is to be having at least around 50% of your total daily calories (some people go even higher up to 60%) coming from fats, around 30% coming from protein and the rest, 20% coming from carbs. Now these were my actual macros when I tried keto and I find they worked quite well for me.

The purpose of Keto dieting is to really get your body using fat for fuel instead of carbs and once your body gets into a form of ketosis, it starts using stored fat into ketones for energy. This is where all the magic fat loss starts to happen.

Now a lot of people can't really cope on super low carb diets such as the ketogenic diet, because of the extra headaches, bursts of hanger (hungry + angry) but it can be quite powerful to burn the belly fat naturally... especially because it tends to be so stubborn for most people including myself.

Here are these 5 beginner ketogenic diet tips to help you burn your belly fat naturally:

ketogenic diet tips

Beginner Keto Diet Tip #1. Focus on eating 50-60% of your daily calories coming from fats.

Beginner Keto Diet Tip #2. Drop your protein down to around 20-30% of total daily calories.

Beginner Keto Diet Tip #3. Try to eat at least around 30-40g of fiber per day.

Beginner Keto Diet Tip #4. Keep your NET carbs (Your Total Carbs - Your Fiber) under 50g, get to 20-50g, as low as you can, to get into Ketosis the fastest.

Beginner Keto Diet Tip #5. Develop a wide variety of low carb veg and higher fat products to add into your diet, to keep things fresh. Eg mushrooms, spinach, bacon, cheese, ham, avocado oil, twiggy sticks, etc.

Warning: Always double check with your physician or doctor to make sure that you can start a particular diet.


I find ketogenic dieting has worked quite well for me and I will definitely be going back to it, when I start my cutting process (dropping fat) again. It can be quite demanding and challenging at first to adjust your macros and to keep your carbs under 50g. But it gets much easier once you develop a nice array of low carb/medium protein/high fat foods to add into your diet.

If you need more of my personal help to kick-start your belly fat loss and to adopt the right diet and training routine into your busy lifestyle, feel free to contact me by clicking here.

Let's start burning the belly fat naturally today!

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