How To Kickstart Your Motivation By Transforming Your Physique

Are you feeling stressed and depressed about your current physique? Do you feel a change is needed so that you can start feeling healthier, fitter and drop the kg of excess weight and inches of belly fat? Here is how I transformed my physique and how you can too.

Over the course of my bulk, where I desperately wanted to get to 85kg, because I wanted to achieve a 16.5 inch arm measurement... I know super silly, right. I ended up putting an insane amount of fat on, which was hugely demotivational and took a tremendous amount of time to strip off eventually.

I was eating ramen noodles every few days, pre made pizzas from Coles every couple of days, chocolates and biscuits daily, curry rice from takeaway shops... anything I could to add the extra calories to achieve my bulking goals...

I did eventually reach my above 2 goals, but at the expense of having a very high body fat at around 20%... when I usually am quite lean and like to be around the 10-14% body fat max.

Now for most people when they gain weight, you will find that most of it will start going to your belly fat, love handles and will cover all of your muscle definition quite quickly... That's exactly what happened to me and it wasn't a pretty sight.

Once I reached my 85kg weigh in and 16.5 inch arms... mind you my usual weight is around 70kg lean...

I felt sluggish, tired and unmotivated to even go to gym for the first time ever... It seemed the bulkier and fatter I got, the lazier and more unmotivated I became.... it was crazy to me, because I never felt that way before.

I was tired walking up the stairs, I felt depressed looking at my slabs of belly fat and my fitness and motivation was heading down the gutter... And most importantly my confidence was just shattering by the day, because I just felt disgusted at my physique...

It was at that exact point that I decided that I had to make a change and start my cut and drop the weight and inches of belly fat, which were becoming a huge concern for me...

My ideal physique has always been a lean, aesthetic and natural physique with a solid amount of lean muscle and good vascularity... That's when I feel and look my best... that's when I feel a huge amount of motivation every day... and that's exactly what I was aiming to get down to.


Growing up, I never had six pack abs and I never had any muscle definition... I was the fat kid at school and got teased quite often... Growing into my teenage years, I got into playing soccer, so I dropped most my weight, but that belly fat always stuck around...

I was short - 165cm, skinny upper body with no muscle, stomach that stuck out from belly fat and chunky calves and legs (which I hated, because I was so short) As you can see I was never blessed with great genetics or a fast metabolism and I always knew that...

I've always been a firm believer of dealing with what God has given you and making the most of it, because that's all we can really do.

Fast track back to my transformation, I thought I would start a gradual cut where I slowly dropped calories and carbs and gradually add cardio, to get into a solid routine again...

At that point I've just quit my PT job and started diving into becoming an online fitness coach. My schedule opened up a little more and I had a gym in my building... so I decided to just make the most of the equipment there to help with my transformation.


Over the first 14 weeks, I started going to my apartment gym, my motivation was still quite low and I really didn't enjoy the first few workouts... I felt lazy and unmotivated, but what kept me going was my vision, because every time I closed my eyes, I knew the exact, lean and aesthetic physique I was aiming for and there was nothing going to stop me.

I just kept pushing through my mindset challenges, through my lazy days, through my mental procrastination days, through my stressful days... whatever the universe wanted to challenge me with, I just broke through it.

I was eating a regular diet with brown rice, wholegrain bread, lean meats, lots of veg, whey protein and banana protein shakes after my workouts , etc.

The results I saw over the first 14 weeks were not as fast as I would've wished.. I dropped from 85kg down to around 77kg and my waist measurement went down from 35 inches to 33 inches, but the huge problem was that my belly fat didn't quite move much.

I felt very frustrated and realized I needed to change things up a notch and start going back into the form of dieting which I loved the most... low carb dieting.


From weeks 14-26 I started reducing my daily carbs down to around 100g and eventually in the 50-80g of total carbs.

I increased my healthy fats to around 50% of my daily calories, coming from lots of almonds, avocados, eggs, etc. And I decreased my protein down to around 30% of total calories... Eating a total of around 1800 calories daily.

And I started incorporating a lot of HIIT style Treadmill sprints 3-4 days per week, fast paced walking on the treadmill at around 6.5km per hour for 20 mins.

I started incorporating a high carb, low fat day every 3 days and a cheat day once a week.

One of the most important things that I did during this time is, I started tracking my diet with MyFitnessPal daily and I became an expert at it.

It was a little annoying to understand MyFitnessPal at first and to constantly track all my food down. But it eventually helped me to understand my nutrition a lot better and I felt laser focused knowing that I'm on track with my diet and understanding how my macros (protein, carbs and fats) can have a huge impact on my physique.

In this time I dropped a huge amount of weight, I went from 77kg down to around 68kg and not only that, but my belly fat started dropping rapidly, my waist shrunk to 29 inches from 33 inches and I just felt amazing.


My six pack abs started becoming visible and lean again... I wasn't completely shredded but I was very happy at around 9-10% body fat, especially because I could easily maintain it and eat my fill of cheat meals every week without restricting myself.

My muscle definition started popping, I felt a surge of new energy and higher fitness levels... I wasn't getting tired as easy and could keep running for longer, I felt healthy and wasn't getting sick as often, I was super motivated from my physique and my confidence shot up through the roof.... I was finally in the zone and felt amazing to wake up every day looking and feeling my best.

I truly believe that once you transform your physique, you change your life... you get in a better headspace, you feel better about yourself and it can be the best thing you can ever do... to take control of your health and fitness and to achieve your goals.

And this is the reason why I become an online fitness coach, because I want to help others achieve the same amazing results that I achieved and feel that truly remarkable feeling of being able to achieve your goals, have diet flexibility, enjoy your lifestyle with the new confidence and motivation from being in the best shape of your life.

If you wish to embark on your own fitness journey with me and want me to coach you through it, feel free to apply to transform your physique by clicking here.

Let's transform your physique naturally, change your life and get super motivated today!

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