6 Hidden Foods Making You Fat Without You Realizing

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Are you struggling with weight gain even though you're eating reasonably healthy? Are you feeling unfit, your belly fat is bulging and you lack energy through the day? Check out these 6 hidden foods, that you might be eating on a daily basis, that could be the reason why you're gaining weight without you realizing.

Growing up, I simply loved bread and I became addicted to eating sandwiches 3-4 times per day... All my meals become a sandwich... They were easy to make and delicious, but boy did they stack some serious belly fat on my stomach!

I also believed that baked beans, canned spaghetti and orange juice were quite healthy and began adopting some of these foods into my diet...

Eventually even chugging down a 2L bottle of orange juice every day... Crazy right?

During this time, I was training 4-5 days per week at the gym, doing ab workouts daily, everything I could to see my first sculpted six pack abs...

The sad reality was that my abs never sculpted and my lower belly fat started shaping into a doughnut...

Now it's crazy how we perceive some foods to be healthy and not so bad for our weight loss goals, but in reality we would be far from the truth...

Our perception of healthy has been skewed by the multiple false marketing and mislabeling on products that claim to be healthy, claim to have 'no added sugar' and claim to be rather healthy, but are secretly making you fat.

Here are the 6 foods that could be making you fat right now...

1. Orange Juice (Most Juices)

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I've had my fair share of orange juice in my days and even became addicted to it. I've stacked on tremendous amounts of belly fat drinking juice and it has been one of the top foods which I thought were healthy, but loaded with sugar. Most brands will try to convince you that they have no added sugar, but in the end of the day, they still contain a heap of sugar already ranging in the 25-50g per serving, that you don't need to be consuming.

I've gained weight and increased my fat, while drinking juices.

2. Bread

bread weight gain

White bread in particular can have a huge impact in your weight gain and belly fat gain, as it's loaded with fast absorbed carbs, which I find always go straight to my belly fat (my dreaded weak part) Most people don't consider bread to be overly bad... but it can seriously hold you back with your weight loss goals. I would opt in for wholegrain bread at a maximum 2 slices per day and that would usually not be a problem in terms of fat loss.

I've gained weight and increased my fat, while eating white bread.

3. Pasta

pasta fat gain

Whenever I've started my cut (weight loss) phase, I would always stay away from pasta, as I believe it's one of the heaviest foods that leads to weight gain... If you're quite sensitive to carbs as I am, you can really gain weight and increase your fat levels by consuming pasta, especially because it's quite easy to overeat and intake a large amount of carbs per sitting, without even realizing.

Italian researchers might disagree with me on this, but hey we are all different and respond differently to certain foods.

I've gained weight and increased my fat, while eating pasta.

4. White Potatoes

white potato fat gain

White potatoes in particular would be another food, which I would stay away from, because they are High GI (fast absorbed) leading to spikes in insulin... I would always stick to sweet potatoes and in low portions (50-100g) because of their higher fiber and low GI than regular potatoes.

I've gained weight and increased my fat, while eating white potatoes.

5. Peanut Butter

peanut butter weight gain

Peanut butter has been loved by so many people... and boy do I love it too. But it's just so easy to overeat and end up way over your required daily calories and fats. Making it super easy for you to gain weight and fat. After I dropped peanut butter out of my weight loss diet, my results have sped up a bunch.

I've gained weight and increased my fat, while eating peanut butter.

6. White Rice

rice weight gain

White rice has been a tricky one for me and although it's considered the number 1 bodybuilding food... I've never been able to see significant fat loss by eating white rice. It's cousin brown rice is a lower GI food and a better alternative (in small portions) to have, in order to speed up your weight loss and increase your fiber levels, making you feel fuller and more likely to see favorable weight loss results.

I've gained weight and increased my fat, while eating white rice.


This is my personal experience with the above 6 foods, which while eating have really held back my weight loss and even increased my fat at times... Keeping in mind that my body is quite sensitive to carbs in general, which I find is the case for a majority of people. If you think that is you, then taking out some of the above 6 foods and substituting for their healthier counterparts can be very beneficial for you.

Eating too much of any food and not controlling your portions can lead to weight and fat gain, so it's important to have a proper meal routine in place, with the right calories and macros for your goals.

If you need more of my personal help to kick start your weight loss, feel free to apply to start your transformation by clicking here.

Let's start eating healthier and lose the weight today!

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