How Your Gym Procrastination Is Wasting Your Time, Money And Results

gym procrastination

Do you feel that you're constantly procrastinating and skipping your gym sessions? Are you struggling to find the motivation and excitement to get you off the couch and into the gym? Most people will let their procrastination kill their results and waste their time and and money, here's how that happens.

I believe that procrastination is like the plague... It will destroy your motivation and end your fitness journey before it even begins... It will keep you on the couch watching Netflix, it will keep you in your comfort zone on your comfy bed when you know you should be going to the gym...

80% of new year resolutioners will quit the gym after the first 4 weeks, even though most of them will have signed a 3-12 month contract... They will keep wasting their money and letting their procrastination dictate their results....

They will convince themselves that they 'tried everything' to make themselves feel better about their lack of commitment and dedication in their fitness journey...

They will convince themselves about how busy they are to workout, how stressed and overloaded they are to workout... every excuse under the sun, in order to make themselves feel ok about their behavior...

Look I know that we are not perfect... In fact I've let my procrastination get the better of me plenty of times as well...

I love staying at home, watching tv and binging on some chips and chocolates as much as the next guy... But at times I just have to make the right decision to hit the gym anyway.

At times you have to sit back and really decide what is more important to you? Is your health and fitness really that important to you? Is getting yourself in your best shape, feeling fit, energized and motivated, a priority for you?

If your fitness goals are not that important to you, you will place them on the back burner and keep them there... while constantly making excuses not to workout and get in shape.

And yes, we don't all have fitness as our number 1 priority... With our busy lifestyles, crazy work schedules, social and family life commitments... We all have our plates full...

But do you want to keep wasting your money on a gym membership that you don't use, wasting your time and energy getting no results at the gym and feeling unfit and out of shape?

Do you want to keep watching other people getting ripped and in shape, while you're cringing taking off your shirt in public and feeling depressed about your body?

I personally perform my best in life, when I'm in my best shape, reaching my fitness goals and feeling pumped and motivated... And I believe that once you see yourself in your best shape, it can totally transform your life!


Whenever my mind tries to play tricks on me to get me to procrastinate, stay at home and sleep for example, when I should be hitting my gym session... I simply go to gym anyway and teach my mind that I will not give in to my excuses... The more you practice overcoming your procrastination, the more resilience you will build and it will become less of a problem for you.

Do you need more of my help and support to help you overcome your procrastination and help you gain the focus you need to reach your fitness goals?

Feel free to apply to start your transformation with me, by clicking here.

Let's destroy your gym procrastination and achieve your fitness goals today!

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