How To Kickstart Your Natural Weight Loss Diet In 2017

natural weight loss diet

Are you feeling overweight, unfit and low on energy? Do you want to kickstart your weight loss in 2017? Find out how to start your natural weight loss diet and finally see those gains that you've always wanted.

Over the last 3 weeks and a bit, I've spent a little time gaining some lean muscle, going from 65.5kg and 28.5 inch waist up to 70kg and a 30 inch waist. Now I set my maximum waist limit to 30 inches, because I believe in keeping those aesthetics as good as possible.... Meaning small waist, broad shoulders, sculpted lean arms, the works. I'm all about natural bodybuilding and staying healthy and fit after all!

And now it's time to start my natural weight loss diet again!

I believe the best way to start your diet is to JUST START! Don't think about it, just do it. The faster you can get into things, the sooner you can start seeing those kg of fat dropping and new muscle definition popping again...

Having weighed in at 70kg with a 30 inch waist this morning, my goal over the next 2 weeks is to get down to 66kg with a 28.3-28.5 inch waist... That's 2kg of weight loss and roughly 0.75 inch waist loss per week...

I believe it's super crucial to continually set yourself short term weight loss goals and a specific time frame to keep you laser focused! And continually writing down and journaling your progress daily...

I've been keeping a journal of my bulking progress and how my stats are progressing over the last 3 weeks and a bit and it has certainly helped me! I can clearly see how my weight is progressing, how much my waist is increasing and how my muscle gains are happening, based on my arm measurements.

I recommend you start a weight loss journal and keep a track of your weight loss goal, the date you want to reach it by (try to keep your first weight loss goal time frame to around 4 weeks) and what your weigh ins /waist measurements are every few days with dates attached.

I like to weigh myself daily and measure my waist every 2 days or so to keep myself as accountable as possible...

That way I can notice the fluctuations of my weight and adjust my workout intensity and diet accordingly to keep seeing those weight loss results!

I plan on starting off my natural weight loss diet at 2000 calories, because I was eating at the 2600-2800 calorie range on my weight gain/bulk phase. And reduce my carbs from the 250g of carbs, back down to the 100g per day mark, while increasing my fibre to the 30-35g per to keep me as full as possible.

This means tracking my diet daily on MyFitnessPal and meeting my set calories and macros and keeping tabs on my fiber and my overall nutrition... this is the most important thing to creating a solid diet consistency and to see if you're eating the right amount of nutrition to help you speed up your natural weight loss results!

My Week 1 diet will be at 2000 calories and around 100g of total carbs and week 2 diet will be dropped to the 1800 calories and around 70g of total carbs with a higher carb day every 3-4 days and a cheat meal once per week.


There are a few important steps to starting your natural diet plan and as you can see how I've planned my own diet and goals. It's important to plan things ahead of time, set your weight loss goal and deadline, keep a journal of your progress, measure your progress often to keep yourself accountable and JUST START.

I'm super excited to start my natural weight loss diet again today and looking forward to seeing those super lean abs and tight waist again!

Feel free to check out my natural weight loss diet plan, by clicking here.

Let's start losing the weight naturally today!

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