Top 4 MyFitnessPal Weight Loss Diet Tips You Need To Know

myfitnesspal diet tips

Are you using MyFitnessPal to help you track your diet and lose weight? Do you need some tips to speed up your results? Check out these top 4 MyFitnessPal diet tips, to get you losing weight faster.

Tracking your diet daily with MyfitnessPal can be a major pain in the you know what, especially when you first start off!

It will be a lot of work, to input all your meals, the specific amounts, weighing up all your food and finding the right brands at times...

And even after you add all your food, you have to carefully balance your Macros (protein, carbs and fats) to make sure they add up to your targets...

Phew, sounds like a lot of work right?

It took me around 2 months of consistent daily tracking to figure out the right methods and to really increase the speed of adding food into my diary... because let's be honest... no one has 2 hours per day to sit down and add up every single tiny detail of their diet.

Now I believe using MyFitnessPal daily over the last 213 days, has been a tremendous contributor to most of my weight loss gains! It has kept me accountable, learning more about the nutrition I put into my body and really giving me a lot of valuable diet insights, that I always wanted to know!

Here are my top 4 MyFitnessPal diet tips, that you need to know:

myfitnesspal weight loss

1. Prefill your diet ahead of time - By filling out your food diary for a few days in advance, you can save a tremendous amount of time! Whenever you have a spare moment in your day, just go through your diary and add your regular diet for the next 2-7 days in advance... That way you can make slight tweaks on the days if you're eating slightly different amounts, but still save yourself lots of time!

2. Click the nutrition tab and observe your macros often - Always keep tabs on how your nutrition is happening over your day, by clicking the nutrition tab at the bottom of your food diary. This will make sure that you're eating a balanced diet through the day - eg eating your needed amounts of carbs, fiber, protein, fats and overall nutrition, to help you with your weight loss.

3. Save entire meals by clicking on the 3 dots - You can increase the speed of your tracking by saving your entire meal in MyfitnessPal and give them a unique name. Eg. Oats Breakfast. That way you don't need to search for all the foods every day and just add the entire meal to save time! You can do this by clicking on the 3 dots on the right hand side of 'add food' and choosing save as meal, once you've already added all your meal items.

4. Scan barcodes to save time - For all your food products that have barcodes, always use the scan feature instead of searching for foods manually! Just simply click the barcode in your MyFitnessPal food diary, after you click food, on the right hand side of search for food. Point your camera to the barcode of your product and voila! You just saved yourself some time.


I love using MyfitnessPal daily to help me make sure that I'm eating the right Macros and Calories for the day and I believe it's one of the best weight loss tools you can use! Once you get familiar with it and speed up your workflow... it becomes extremely easy!

If you need more of my help to kickstart your weight loss, feel free to request a free 30 minute fitness consultation with me by clicking here.

Let's start tracking your diet with MyFitnessPal and lose the weight today!

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