3 Oats Superfood Benefits For Natural Weight Loss

oats weight loss

Are you looking to lose weight naturally and interested to learn about the superfood benefits of oats? I absolutely love eating oats to help me lose weight, burn my belly fat and get super healthy! Find out these 3 oats superfood benefits to help you lose weight naturally!

Over the last 5 or so years, I've been including oats into my weight loss diet and they've helped me achieve some pretty amazing natural weight loss results!

They are just so easy to make, help you feel full, taste great and are super nutritious to get you losing the excess kg in no time. And all without feeling overly restricted or starved... Pretty cool right?

They can be eaten in so many ways! I could keep going for a while, but here are just a few ways...

As a breakfast bowl with some strawberries/blueberries.

As a healthy dessert mixed in with some cocoa powder for a chocolatey touch,

As a post workout shake blended with your favorite whey protein powder,

As a risotto mixed in with your stir-fry.

As a healthy oatmeal cookie treat.

... so many choices!

But why are oats so weight loss friendly and why do they make a great superfood? Here is why:

oats weight loss

1. They are rich in protein!

Oats are one of the few grains that actually contain a whopping 17g of protein per 100g! This extra protein will help you to recover faster from your gym sessions and feel more satisfied in your meals. This can eventually help you to stick to your diet better and lose more weight, without feeling starved.

2. They have a whopping amount of fiber!

Oats actually contain 11g of fiber per 100g! This extra fiber in your diet will help to keep you fuller through your busy day and avoid those hunger nags, that beg you to have some treats... We all know those right? Eating more fiber in your diet can have a significant impact on you eating less calories throughout the day, eventually helping you lose the weight naturally.

3. They are packed with all your needed vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Oats are packed with lots of Iron (26%) Magnesium (44%) Potassium (12%) among others! These are essential to keep your body functioning optimally and to keep you losing weight naturally. Oats are one of the most nutrient packed foods on the planet!


Eating oats consistently has certainly helped me lose weight naturally, I feel higher energy levels through the day, I feel fuller for longer periods and just generally more satisfied with my diet!

They are a must have food in my opinion and one of my favorite superfoods to always include in my own diet and my online coaching clients as well.

If you need to lose weight naturally and need a great diet plan to help you, feel free to check out my natural weight loss diet plan by clicking here.

Let's start eating oats and lose the weight naturally!